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also, a hoodcoat
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A slim medium length medium weight parka.

Current fishtail looks nice but would get very little use for me because of the weather in the bay area - its too heavy for practical use. Plus, because of the length of the fishtail the style is not for everyone (i.e. short people, or people like me with short or stubby legs). Longer fishtails require a very slim aesthetic or tall height which is one of the reasons I've never considered copping one, so maybe a shorter, parka version?
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tan trench
weekender type deal
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TOJ hi tops would be so boss.


Otherwise almost everyone's ideas are boss.

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trench and hidden placket shirts
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I already paid higher price for the things I wanted from ToJ... frown.gif

Zip Wallet
Day Pack
Leather Tote
iPad Sleeves
Shearling jacket (in progress)
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Sunglasses and hidden placket shirts would be awesome. icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif

But if I'm not mistaken, the original plans for the sunglasses involved real tortoise shell (and not a high quality manmade acetate), right? I'd be a little paranoid about customs catching on and snatching up the shades after they leave Japan.
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IDK so, real shell frames are cray expensive in France, like 3k a pop handmade per order.
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My new year wishlist: A top in white/pearl/light gray/cream -- type and design I leave up to you.
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A leather bag, weekender/duffle style

Trench coat with some leather accents perhaps

MA-1 but already in the works

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Not to be redundant, but bringing back the varsity/MA-1 reversible with a twist/re-design would be nice

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Some form of TOJ bag. I'd quite like to see a full leather utility backpack.

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