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Looks perfect
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Is that a beautiful strong Korean man?
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yes, typical bad boy shit.
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i dont see why you couldn't beat the shit out of that.
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Color choices aside, I may have to pick up a 3rd MA-1.

That will make it cotton, boiled wool, and Super 150...but may still hold out yet.

Waiting for Drew's interpretation of a long coat / frock / whatever as long as its long in the body with a nice collar (no hood/removable). That day will come. I believe.
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MA-1 would look fly with some wool trousers and derbies
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See Drew, all you needed was a fit-pic to quench the woes of the naysayers.
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Originally Posted by afixedpoint View Post

MA-1 would look fly with some wool trousers and derbies

this is so obvious does not need to be said.
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showed my gf the rider fit pics, was surprised that she really liked and would wear one.
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Is the full placket going to be a feature on the finalized jacket?

Half placket on my bombers look sick unzipped. Just kinda curious why you'd go for full placket on this jacket (if that's the plan), and then go half on the leathers.
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Originally Posted by reedobandito View Post

Posts like this are really unecessary imo.
a, this is a discussion thread. ToJ is, at least in my mind, a collaborative brand with a unique connection and receptive relationship with its buyers. If this link were to be abolished, I think the brand appeal would be somewhat diminished (although many would would still buy undoubtedly, me included).
b, the MA-1 is a PROTOTYPE. It's not like he's sitting on a mountain of these and we're pissing on the product he has to sell. A prototype is made to test the waters, to feel out market demand and the potential for sales success. Constructive, honest feedback on product viability, especially from the market actually looking to buy is often invaluable to the company that designs and releases the prototype.
I mean, forget the unhelpful apologists, but who does it help to throw up categorical support on a proposed project without indicating the pros of production?
Drew, you're a fucking awesome designer, I hope nothing here offends you, just putting my 2 cents in


i understand all of that, and i think people have a right to offer suggestions and voice their opinions, in as much as such a discussion is warranted.  i understand why some people are frustrated or disappointed that drew isnt bringing back the ma-1 ae or whatever.  but at the same time its been almost nonstop bitching about the fabric choice, with people struggling to come up with reasons to dissuade him from using wool, when he has made it pretty clear that hes not really interested in rehashing a nylon ma-1.

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It's incredibly clear why that fabric was chosen after that pic. Perfect draping.
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Reminds me a little of KVA fwiw
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Here's a better explanation, the back view - notice that the ruffling of the wool is analogous to the way the nylon acts in an original MA-1, but in a subtle, slightly nicer way. This is why I do what i do.

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shiiiiet, shoulders look nice.  are those gussets on the back?

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