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I wonder if it could be made reversible... icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif with the inside being some kind of quilted insulation
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I imagine that MA-1worn with white ToJ oxford v2, ToJ trouser, and a pair of clean sneakers so I wouldn't think it is for beating.
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hold off on the MA-1 talk for a moment, just bringing up the JC women's piece:
Originally Posted by impolyt_one View Post

Something to look at, something we've been working on on the side recently:
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Originally Posted by impolyt_one View Post

Something else we whipped up:
Super 150's fine wool suiting cloth: Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Jesus christ, Drew. Give me a price and a size table so I can put in an order!
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im afraid the wife wouldnt appreciate the wifeyDR for what it is or i'd order one right away. both that and the suiting MA-1 look fantastic

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Originally Posted by impolyt_one View Post

yes, and no, not waterproof. It's suiting wool, so you'd need to wipe it down with a hanky if you get a bit of rain on you.
I thought about it but in the end, just wanted to top it off with something like the usual gas mask flap; that pocket is designed to fit your cell phone, and slants down slightly on the inside so that it stays kinda nestled in there and you can feed your headphone cords out of it, so that is a plus.

My bad -- your other post referencing nylon threw me off. Looks great! Any plans for a waterproof jacket? 

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Also, I would personally very much prefer th new MA-1 being made of a material that is quite sturdy / can last. I've always had the idea that my TOJ's would be something I could show my kids one day.
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already sold on it
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That ma1.im crying tears of joy at work and people are asking why but im not sure I can fully explain
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I predict a Patrik Ervell copy of that MA-1 haha

Quilted reversible would be cool, but that probably clashes with the idea of a MA-1 in suiting fabric. Maybe would be more appropriate on a melton version

Just my two nonsensical cents

That quilted DR is a ladies jacket, right?
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legit instacop if custom lengths (please)
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For some reason those pics aren't showing on the forum for me, though they're on the website. Just FYI in case there's some issue there.


Also, question: Housecleaner hung my brown lamb jacket on a door handle and our cat got to it and put one tooth puncture and a little 3ish mm slice into one of the cuffs right on the top where it's visible. Could I minimize the appearance of the undyed inner layers of the lamb by putting some conditioner on it or something?

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The same happened to me, so I tried Lexol, but it did not work. I think Dbear scraped up his jacket badly at one point, but Saphir seemed to do wonders...
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