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let them have WvG

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So are the zips on the v2 oxford gonna be Riri or just YKK?
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Absolutely dead over here. Funniest thing in SF history.
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The Alden up someone's ass line really hit me. Very good.
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'don't cry, i came here for the varsity talk too'

i fell out of my chair
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That spoke to my heart.
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omg liek can we get riri zips on our leatherzzz & when are the varsities coming back?!? (10, in case it wasn't abundantly obvious)

haha that was great.
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Yeah, I just dumped >$250/per for some MTM Liberty of London shirts. I'm willing to pay if it's something I want/like/will enjoy.
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how about miniature riri zips every couple of inches instead of butons?

maybe with a MOP pull?
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The ongoing riri joke has definitely lost its luster a few months ago.
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Originally Posted by GBear View Post

The ongoing riri joke has definitely lost its luster years ago.

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this is what it's come to

people complaining about drew's choices in jokes
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"Do you think this is Uniqlo or something?" haha. I lol'd really hard and then got sad at the end. Please make the OCBD! I'm in for at least one or even two. For what it's worth, I have three jackets from you guys, including one that's one-of-a-kind in this world, so you know I'm not just talking smile.gif Good to see that you guys are back. I haven't been on SF in like a year!

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I just dont understand how people can come in here and tell Drew how to run his business

Drew does this gig because he wants to give us nice Jawnz, not because he is getting madddd rich from it, just let this mad scientist cook up distilled 100% swag drops and chillax.
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After searching through the TOJ galleries I am finding my obsessive behavior is starting to take over :0) :0(
Having not seen one of these products in the flesh I can only comment on the images viewed, however...
I have a Ralph Lauren leather that I paid 1500 for and a Lacoste leather that was similar but neither could I say looks as nice as the build and finish of TOJ items.

Myself and my wife have both decided on the Varsity although having found out about the hiatus I am wondering how long it may be before we might get to place an order let alone have the pieces shipped.

Does anyone know how long the Hiatus is likely to last for?

Also a question to Drew if he is around.......
I am 6 feet 5 inches tall and on the heavier side.
Will one of the Varsity jackets on offer currently fit my frame?

I recently bought suits at 44 extra long from Marks and Spencer's in the UK and they are very snug.

I would rather not wait for weeks, looking forward to making an order, only to find I am too large anyway?

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