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So here are some quick and sloppy non-iPhone photos. Just showing y'all dudes the fit.


A size 45 with extended lengths to body and sleeves, navy lambskin QDR with silver hardware. I think Charly and I got the fit spot on this time around.

The lamb is so supple and buttery as mentioned many, many times before. Love the way the lambskin drapes on me. biggrin.gif
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unzip cuffs dood.

sick jacket.
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looked better on drew

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Placed an order for the Black Calfskin DR 2010 on May 5th. Should be coming pretty soon now. Can't wait!

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Oh god, that color!
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Originally Posted by artishard116 View Post

unzip cuffs dood.
sick jacket.


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Take natural light pics though. A bunch. Actually, hire a photographer to follow you around for a day and then just walk around in photogenic surroundings.
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Just jizzed in my pants.
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So sick!!
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Oh hot damn
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That's ill.  cant wait to see the guy who ordered the red QDR post his

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can someone link me to the closeup pics of the new zips?
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blue QDR looks great, but would look better with different pants IMO (I know its just a fit pic, just saying)

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Got my murked out A2 with all of the options - this thing is way too badass. Extremely comfortable to wear&exactly everything that I needed in a jacket.

I can't wait to receive my MDR&ribbed collar cwu-45. icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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thinking about upping my shoe game - recommendations on shoes to wear with a whiskey 4zip?
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