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Originally Posted by brad-t View Post

Custom Minimalist DR made as a one-off for me. Snakeskin is anaconda hide that Drew sourced himself.

And the outside would be black lamb I presume?
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Originally Posted by impolyt_one View Post

either or, have a spot for the navy one though. With the black leather trim it looks modern and you will have people contemplating the perennial navy with black debate, and be winning it.

Thanks again. I was also considering some of the lighter colors ( herringbone/ cracked pepper/ greys) but the Navy seems to be winning as it will presumably be less of an effort to keep it clean (or harder for spots/ marks to show anyway).
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Originally Posted by Rabidhabid View Post

And the outside would be black lamb I presume?

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I was going to order the brown goat A2 and changed my mind back to lamb right as I pulled the trigger. The contrast of the collar was throwing me off. Having a hard time envisioning the goat bomber.
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Originally Posted by impolyt_one View Post

...or try the A2 in black goat if you like the sound of that. Haven't seen any orders for black goat A2's but that would be so spot on. Try without the name patch on the A2 if going black goat. That was originally a nice contrast between lamb and lamb suede, but the goat is harder and the matchup would be less congruent. The A2 jacket itself in goat would be phenomenal though, with that fur collar.

ack I was all settled on my order; now I'm thinking about switching from brown to black goat

I'm so indecisive haha
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god damn, so I think I may bite before cut-offs

2010 DR, black calf


black goat CWU?

leaning towards DR as I already have a brown A-2, would wear with thin gray hoodie underneath...

red DR would be sweet, but I think that's a luxury i cant justify right now
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DR. Don't get a CWU in goat.
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I think Drew suggested lamb, rather than goat, for CWU. Could deginitely see you in a black CWU. I know you ride but I think the CWU fits the rest of your look better.
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i think you're right. im tempted to go with a stock 52 or 54 DR, maybe just a few tweaks. my A-2 was a little on the big side, so I hope this one is purrrrfect

I've tried lookin for DRs at vintage shops etc for a while now and I can NEVER get anything that fits well in all areas, theyre usually too cropped if they fit good in the shoulders and arms.
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why go with a stock size? Just measure and get it sized perfectly.
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just soaked it last night,
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Anyone have pictures of a real (not photoshop mockup) 4zip MDR?

Also, what zippers with medium gray--gunmetal or silver?
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Originally Posted by impolyt_one View Post

3) QDR, the black lamb is excellent, the greens are calf, also good for the QDR. You saw how good that red Moto was - expect the a bottle green QDR to be shockingly good like that as well. For you thoughm I'll be totally honest here, I may not recommend the QDR - I don't know your frame exactly, but you had requested us to make jackets more relaxed in fit previously- nothing wrong with that because we make something for everyone, but the QDR is one of those jackets for the skinny guys. I say this because it has horizontal features across the width of the sleeve head, and DR's when worn open do not flatter, they have the extra width behind the zipper that normally overlaps when closed. The visual appearance is wide across the midsection. Guys who are not slim will look biker'ish, guys who are slim will find this style suitable. Some styles just aren't cut out for each person. I can't really wear DR's either and I'm slim. Just not my style tbh. The green leather is nice in other models.


So you don't think any DRs work on bigger dudes, or just the quilted one with horizontal pockets?
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'bigger' was meant to refer to build and not height, being on the heavier or wider side of slim. DR's just tend to be that way. If you're built and not slim, single-breasted jackets like Motos tend to serve better. The reason is as explained; DR's have the extra material showing when opened; that expanse gets perceived visually as more width than is actually there. It's a tougher look to master. nineohtoo actually traded a CWU for a DR and posted a pic recently where he demonstrated a great open DR fit. Getting the lower quarters to open a bit is a good look.
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