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he prob should cuff the jeans like get smart does. check out the official skin heads thread, he posts a lot in there. i wouldnt recommend a boot tuck and i am the advocate for boot tucks
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Thanks for the advice, guys. I was wearing boots in the previous pics (black cherry Red Wing GTs), but they're probably not edgy enough for a DR. I doubt I should cuff jeans wearing those, since I'm not, nor have I ever claimed to be, a skinhead. Regarding skinny jeans: they're terrible on me. Due to weightlifting, I can barely get them on, and once they're on, I'm not moving anywhere. Levi 514's are about as slim as I can go. I think part of the unbalancedness of the pics comes from the fact that the DR emphasizes my upper body size, while the 514's I wore deemphasize my lower body. In this one I wore looser jeans, which (I think) makes it more balanced. I agree with the general sentiment to go edgier. I already know the boots in the below pic go better with gunmetal hardware, but let's see how this goes. So how's this: better or worse?

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would be fine without the boot tuck.
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Hey Angry, is that lambo or calf? Also, it looks a bit tight on you, is it Just curious - I really like it all blacked out!
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Originally Posted by halisray View Post
Hey Angry, is that lambo or calf? Also, it looks a bit tight on you, is it Just curious - I really like it all blacked out!

It's lamb. It actually doesn't feel tight, although it looks that way. I think it just drapes on the shape of my body closely, and so looks that way. The only place I feel any tightness is in the lats, and even there it's not bad.
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Originally Posted by Angry Toaster View Post
It's lamb. It actually doesn't feel tight, although it looks that way. I think it just drapes on the shape of my body closely, and so looks that way. The only place I feel any tightness is in the lats, and even there it's not bad.

The DR is suppose to be "fitted" anyways. Good fit! And yeah, un-tucking would be better.
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a blacked out DR looks so much better with black jeans.
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Angry Toaster, although I don't like these boots either, the second pic is 1000x better.
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I feel a bomber would suit angry's body shape much better rather than a DR
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DR arrived this morning

Gotta admit, after seeing the pics with those guys stylin' it in workwear shit, I was a bit worried about choosing the blacked out version over the regular one. My fears were allayed the moment I saw it. The zips seemed far less...tacked on? Cartoonish? I dunno, but I was getting that kind of vibe from the pics. irl it's much less so, and with some wear to go with it it'll look 1000x better.

Like Angry Toaster shows himself, it's all about the styling of it, you gotta be a bit more careful with what you do with the blacked out version. His second pic looks infinitely more badass than the first.

The thing I would say about the blacked out version is that it's not for everyone. It definitely downplays the technical details on the jacket a lot more while at the same time turning up the steez. It probably doesn't work as well with fits involving indigo denim. On the flip side, I'd imagine it works better with fits involving black denim.

It's akin to buying a Ferari really. Some will like theirs in red, others will like it in...black.

I'll try to get up some pics if they turn out to be of a good enough quality.
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looks like SF's blunt critique at times does yield improvements lol. throw up those pics militia man. it's been like 2 weeks since I ordered mine, and i gotta wait for at least 3 more re: the blacked out DR's, I think that the impact that it'll make on people is twofold. from a distance, they'll be curious about what kind of jacket that is, since it's so well fitting. upon closer inspection, they'll flip cuz it's a different perfecto than what they're used to seeing, with subtle styling. like a previous poster said, i guess its about your kind of style, whether you want it to be in your face or more subtle.
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Angry Toaster looks like he has a serious drop and looks plain brolic in the second set of pics; I think also to be noted is that the DR styles tend to look 'fuller' when open, because of the placket that is normally hidden when zipped - a lot more frontal area. Unzipped may work for Toaster well.

Originally Posted by wj4 View Post
Drew - sorry to hear that, bro. Just keep thinking positive, man.

In regards to the fellow with the blacked out DR, I think it may be a bit tricky for him due to his body size/shape. From nearly all of the pictures I've seen related to ToJ, everyone has been relatively slim or skinny. I don't know how he would look like with slim black jeans tucked into black boots. I do agree with the masses and would also vote the bottom half is quite awkward with the DR.

No worries dudes, thanks for the concern. We had an adult breakup and we're both better off. It was her who actually half got me to do all of this TOJ stuff, and now we've gotten to this point, so it was definitely worthwhile meeting her. Anyway, I called her last night and she was in Ginza eating sushi, so she's definitely not bad off.

Originally Posted by racknac View Post
I thought you have an arranged marriage being set up with one of your family friends? I don't know how i know... not that i'm stalking you or anything.

and yes, I am in an arranged marriage
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Drew - glad to hear that, bro. I can relate to that (meeting someone that inspired you to pursue something).

I'm with you on the arranged marriage. Also coming from an Asian background, I feel like I'm never going to find a girl that's educated and well off enough for my family's liking. I'm just going to chill and wait for something to be set up. It would be kinda like waiting for a ToJ piece in the mail.

Since I've only joined the board not too long ago, I always wanted to know where did you get the name ToJ from?

I can't wait until i get my DR. For some reason in my head, i see it working well in some sort of way with a business casual outfit, like a white button down and khaki's.

Also reminds me I need to get black jeans to go along with the DR now.
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DR works nicely with white shirt and dark trousers, black shoes.
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Anyway, I was just kinda kidding about the arranged marriage thing, though with that one girl it might actually be somewhat true... it's a good thing that girl is hott, because she;s kind of boring =\\ The story of the name ToJ: winq (from sufu) and I were talking online, we were both kinda doing nothing in America and bored, so I suggested we come to Korea in the summer of 2008, and hang out with hipsters and 'fashion' people, and start a taco truck, I had the money saved up to buy one. sleazie ninja number 47 from sufu was supposed to come out too, and we were gonna get a sick penthouse rental, have some parties, park the taco truck in the security parking downstairs during the daytime. Sleazie ninja drops off the face of the earth 2 weeks or so before we go, and then a friend says she has an extra room in her house for rent, so we just go with that, me and winq. So we fly out, meet up at Incheon airport and head into town. We went to Korean language school (like once a week for a daily class ), hung out with ugly Japanese and Chinese girls, wasted a lot of time, drank a lot of booze, hung out and ate pork and potato stew with all the hookers at this red light district at like 4am, we generally wasted away the days and got through life. Anyway ToJ itself came about during these planning stages where still and Bootlegs were rooming together in Toronto and we said they had a 'frat of jawns' because they probably had the most balling combined wardrobe ever at the time - and they traded clothes and shit. So me and winq had ended up in Korea rooming together and we had this huge wall unit for hanging clothes, and we ended up with a pretty amazing clothing wall of all good pieces, and since we were these two monks living in Asia with a wall of $50K in clothes, we said we were living in a Temple of Jawns and it stuck nicely for our 'lifestyle project'... anyway, it was a good time. winq had to leave because he wasn't getting anything done eventually, I stayed and kinda sorted my life out, and the rest is history.
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