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The new official TOJ thread, 2011 - Page 1064

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There should be a new rule instated for this thread.

*thou shall post no more after receiving your toj item until fit pics are posted
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Too much peer pressure so here's the grey lamb suede harrington I received from razele.  Stock size 50, I'm 6'2" 175 lbs with a 42" chest. The suede is unbelievable, so soft and beautiful.  Design is perfect. The jacket could use a little extra room in the chest when zipped, but it's not a big problem since I'll wear it unzipped almost all the time, and I don't think it would look quite as good this way if it were bigger.    



photo (3).JPG

photo (2).JPG


edit: touched up weird thing with the t-shirt 

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Looks fucking stellar. The white shirt inside looks a bit odd though.
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Funny discussion going on over at fuk; these guys just discovered Stud Homme and they think they've uncovered the 'TOJ secret facilities' - lol.

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Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery smile.gif
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so the fake TOJs DO exist. your little project is really going somewhere, drew wink.gif
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Yes - it was me all along. I am the one making fake TOJs.

minds blown yet? redface.gif
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Can i get a fake TOJ for $200?  peepwall[1].gif

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i will pay up to 300 for a fake vtg
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still needs to settle down a bit, fit is spot on. a bit stiff/boxy at the moment, it's calf after all

will take better pics when there is sun light out...thanks TOJ.
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look REAL good
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Looks great.
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Even the tote that comes with it is super balla. I actually use tote bags a lot for grocery shopping I have a ton from pharm reps
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A bit more contrast in this one:


And it's younger brother, in prototype form:

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