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Originally Posted by netsua View Post

Saw my first TOJ out in the wild today. CWU-45 Downtown Toronto under scotia plaza. perfect fit too. I wanted to say something to him, but he was on the phone.

I was in the area at the time...Brown MDR though. frown.gif

Well, I'm just going to leave these here. Got back from Toronto today to this...excuse the messy room. I'm packing for a move. Color is a little darker and richer in person. It's snowing and the sunlight definitely whitens everything up.



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dump the belt in that fit and you're golden.
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dump the stache too
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Originally Posted by impolyt_one View Post

dump the belt in that fit and you're golden.

Yeah, I agree. I just put on the jacket after getting home from Toronto. I didn't bother changing.
Originally Posted by Uncontrol View Post

dump the stache too

Movember bro! foo.gif
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Fuck I'm having second thoughts on the 48 toj1 with shortened sleeves frown.gif. I'm 5'10" and only 135 lbs with 36.5 chest but they kept recommending me 48... I will be trying to bulk up to around 140-145 though. What should I do???????
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Go for the 48, especially since you have plans to bulk up.
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Unless your growth spurt isn't over yet just get something that fits you well now.
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well I was just planning to bulk another 5-10lbs just cause I'm too skinny right now.
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Is this the currently off-menu "tweaked" CM? I just ordered an A-2 ... might need one of these, too ...

Originally Posted by dizzhizz View Post
dark whiskey as requested...


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I stopped by a Barney's Co Op over the weekend and saw some leather jackets from Vince and Surface 2 Air. Boy, the quality was crap and felt like something on a JC Penney level. ToJ rowks.
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I´ve been reading this threak daily and your work is just amazing dude. I would buy one of your jackets if I didn´t have a couple of leather jackets already, and if I hadn´t spent so much money in shoes and jeans this past months XD 


Do you have like a special leather jacket you made for yourself that is the coolest thing on earth? If yes, Can we see it? bounce2.gif


PS: Other than that sick white one that could stand on its own.

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It's on uncontrol's back

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welp. so i won't be kept in anticipation over the arrival of my jacket, it looks like it's time to forget i ever ordered the bomber. busy season 2012, here we come!
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Woodyear sounds like a socialist linguistics major I had to work with, who was convincing no one, while being incredibly obnoxious, that his idea about enacting price ceilings on the property market was a good thing to be doing for a presentation on policy.

I still don't see anything on that aero jacket that implies anything other than a horsehide jacket with a shearling collar, which Drew can do for about half the price when he manages to get a hide he likes anyway.

But annoying twats aside, GBear that is an awesome fit.
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Originally Posted by BlackToothedGrin View Post

It's on uncontrol's back

correction VTG
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