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Sore wee wee

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Reply with seriousness! Joking is too easy in this thread to make it clever.

People get sore wee wees from time to time. For whatever reason... at a man's younger years I think the reason is apparent (self-inflicted). One thing I've noticed for years, back to my younger days, is that sore wee wees do not head. They take weeks and weeks. It is the nature of a sore wee wee. Is there a way to speed up the process? They seem to be sore for weeks and then just heal overnight.
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Massage the soreness out.
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Nobody has a solution?
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Honestly dude, I dont know what the fuck you are talking about
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Originally Posted by Jay Gatsby View Post
Nobody has a solution?
there could be numerous reasons: Thight pants Saddle soreness Lack of movement behind desk (and cut-off blood supply while sitting) (Prolonged) masturbation Internal bleeding Aneurisma Hernia Nightly erections STDs Imperfect woman You are not giving out much information. Also perhaps a GP or urologist could help you further.
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The point is not why it is sore. The point is getting it better. Also, to convince the world that I am not unique, I cite the following 311 lyric (circa 1996): "And if it's sore take care of it, perhaps from too much stuckin, but any time you're aware of it just keep on ***kin" However, contrary to 311's advice, ***kin will not remedy the situation.
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I can understand your weewee getting sore the next day after you have sex like 3+ times in one day, but the soreness only should last a day at most.

Are you choking the chicken with too much force??????????????? Maybe use more lube when you do it
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