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Horse-bit Loafers

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[Are horse bit shoes considered conservative? I'm on planes quite often and, for obvious reason, I want a slip-on. I have traditional taste, but I don't want to look like a Repulician.
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I don't think that the metal bit, in and of itself, makes it a conservative shoe. Different makers have different renditions of the look, some conservative and some more avant garde.
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looking under my desk i see a pair of Cole Haan bit a lovely suede.

But them again i tend to lean toward the right side of the aisle.

Then again saying loafers are Dem or Rep is like saying Repp Stripe ties belong to one or the other.

Just don't let the SF police catch you wearing them with a suit...even thought I do it most mondays and thursdays when i am in an airport.
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Horse-bit loafers are classics.
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Do these look conservative (my horse bit loafers)?

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I have a pair of Gucci snaffle-bit loafers in some sort of a goatskin, which are not conservative.
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I'm not sure that the horse-bit has anything to do with "conservative" outfits.
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