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Patent shoes...

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What do you guys think about wearing patent shoes (or at least "really shiny" shoes) as normal professional wear?
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Patent shoes would be acceptable if you have to wear black or white tie for your profession. Otherwise it would be vulgar.
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Patent leather if for formal occasions. However a spit shine on shoes is always a good idea.
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Patent leather shoes do NOT work with professional attire. But they look great with a velvet jacket or morning coat and a pair of jeans, or even just an untucked shirt and jeans. I've got a fabulous pair of Tod's driving shoes in patent leather that look fantastic with anything casual.
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Tom: Patent leather is acceptable only for Formalwear or if you're in the military and lazy. Patent - leather processed on the grain side to form a bright hard brittle surface.  Used for formal footwear.   The process of varnishing materials goes back centuries and was widely used on woods and metals.  French leather makers, using this process, developed a highly polished leather in the early 1800's.  In 1822 Seth Boyden, a harness maker in Newark, New Jersey developed a shoe leather modeled on the European process and applied for a "patent ". -- from The Encyclopedia of Men's Clothes Andy
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Thanks for all the replies guys. I guess I'll avoid it. -Tom
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