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RM Williams Craftsman at STP $199

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They are yearlings. I can't really tell what the available colors are. They are listed at Tan (only 11.5), Brown (small sizes & 11.5), & Black (many sizes). I'm assuming that the Brown is Chestnut and the Tan is Dark Tan (given the color swatch).

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Just so nobody gets overly trigger-happy, note that the 11.5 (or whatever the first size listed in each case) is not the U.S. size . . .
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If the sizes are UK, I am out of luck! Damn it! NO 9! Thanks Rolo. Edit: Seeing the sizing issues I have had, I actually pulled the trigger on the black medium 8.5. If it works, that would be great! P.s. if it turns out that they are too small on me I can put them up here first before I return them in case anyone wants them.
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As best I can tell, no brown in US 9.5. Just as well, as this habit is becoming increasingly difficult to explain to Mrs. Vintage Gent. Still, thanks for the heads-up.
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I just got the brown a few weeks ago. I may go for the black using Google ($10 off) and the 20% STP coupon (49236). I wear a size 11.5 US and their 10.5 was a perfect fit.
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How do you use Google to get an extra $10? - NEVERMIND - it is right there...
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Originally Posted by Duveen
How do you use Google to get an extra $10?

Just use the google checkout option when checking out
Automatically applied. Came out to ~172 for me including 15% off from the SF link and the 10 of 30 from Google.
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Just placed an order. $181.96 including shipping. Too lazy to use Google checkout or it would have been $171.96.
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They were out of what I think is my size, so I went a half-size smaller. I'll probably end up sending them back, but at least I'll know for sure which fit is best before having a pair shipped over from Australia.
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just ordered the 10.5UKs for my size 10.5-11US feet. brown would have been my first choice but we'll see how the blacks go.

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