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Deal Breakers

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What's a deal breaker for you? For instance, one of mine is single vents.

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Ticket pockets.
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Sleeves longer than 26", rise shorter than 11"
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Working sleeve buttons on a RTW sport coat or suit jacket.
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Good call on the working buttons ... unless the sleeves just happen to be the right length

No vents
Cutaway collars
Gaudy patination
Pointy lasts
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My deal breakers are: -Vent-less jackets (except for formal wear) -4x1 and 6x1 button stance on double-Breasted jackets -Notch lapels and single vents on a double-breasted jacket -Single vents on a single-breasted jacket aren't a deal breaker, but the jacket has to be amazing in every other way and a really good deal for me to get one -Sack jackets -Reverse pleats or scissor pleats on trousers -I wouldn't say flat fronts are a deal breaker for me, but they NEVER fit me properly. -Shirt pockets -Edge-stitched collars and cuffs -Contrast collar shirts with button cuffs -Box pleats on the back of shirts -polyester -All shoes except slip-ons must be Goodyear welted -overly square toes -Bicycle toes -corrected grain -furs
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Single vents, no vents, double or triple pleats, narrow Brioni collars (you know what I mean), contrasting white collars.
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No vents, skinny lapels and 2 button suits
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Too numerous to list.

But a big one ... if trousers haven't double forward pleats ... I don't want them.
Another is the presence of a visible logo.
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peak lapels on SB jackets.
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Originally Posted by aj_del View Post
Sleeves longer than 26", rise shorter than 11"

A poor fit should be a deal breaker for anyone. A rise shorter than 12 inches won't fit me, but neither will a size 36 jacket. I think these lists should be about styles and features, not fits. I could keep going on about all the clothes that don't fit me.
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Of course, when it comes to things bespoke ... there is no deal breaker.
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Gaudy plaids/stripes
double pleated pants
unfinished sleeves (no competent tailors around)
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Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price
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