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Originally Posted by deadly7 View Post
Your panties, please unbunch them. Best homophobic post I've seen in this threak. "OMG THE PENISES THEY ARE SO BAD TO SEE!!!!!! THINK OF THE CHILDREN"

Originally Posted by sjg22 View Post
Is the basic question about locker room nudity not: "We all have the same equipment, so who the f cares?" Honestly, I couldn't care less about whether dudes are clothed or unclothed, because I have no reaction to it whatsoever. I'm not horrified or grossed out by naked dudes, because guess what: when I jump in the shower, I'm a naked dude myself, and it's not something I even faintly enjoy either. In other words, gym nudity is as neutral as a conversation about the weather to me.

Never understood people make a big deal about it or want to "call someone out about it". Unless a guy is tea bagging you in the locker room, WHO THE F CARES???

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So how many of us like to show off our bodies and penises in the locker room? Hmm?

Spend just a little bit longer naked than you need to?

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Rush in there before anyone else can, then change into your boxer/briefs. No one can tell with 100% certainty what you are. I would change the side that my hair would part too, so I could keep everyone guessing. The result was everyone fearing me due to the mystery surrounding my truest identity. That's how I was able to control whole populations in high school.
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Originally Posted by Don Carlos View Post
I remember, from various trips to Japan, that they took every possible precaution to avoid bathroom architecture that would force you to stand side by side with someone else at a urinal. I don't know which Japanese stereotype they were subtly enforcing: that the men have small penises, or that the men are stark-raving perverts who would sneak a peak if given half the chance.

This phenomenon stood in stark and interesting contrast to the layout of a typical Japanese spa (onsen), in which everyone just got ass-nekkid and waded into a communal hotspring.

Ermmm, wat?

I'm actually offended by the idiocy in this post. You must be trolling
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Recently joined a place with a city athletic club type feel and a solid cadre of old timers, that is exactly the scene in the locker room. A real contrast to the closety gay boys cruising Equinox.
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