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Quality of karl lagerfeld suits

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Hey everyone, I've been looking on ebay for a suit recently and I've found a few Lagerfeld suits at a very good price. (EXAMPLE: HERE) I've got a few questions regarding them: 1) What brands are Lagerfeld suits comparable to in terms of quality, etc. 2) What price range do Lagerfeld suits usually run?
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Karl Lagerfeld men's wear is a licence held by Miltenberger Otto Aulbach GmbH in Germany. Designer is "an English chap, who does a very good job" (Lagerfeld in an interview). Apart from Lagerfeld, Miltenberger also produce the Daniel Hechter range. I cannot comment on the quality, which might be perfectly respectable, but there is nothing very special or superior about the range.
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Thx for the reply. I think I'll pass and go for someone a bit more established, such as RLPL, or Armani Collezione, maybe even Zegna if the cut isn't too conservative.
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For what its worth, I believe that at some point Hickey Freeman had a license to make Lagerfeld suits; the e-bay suit looks to me like one of those, from the sleeve tag. I think the HF Lagerfeld quality was okay but not up to the standards of the HF-labelled clothing.
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Do we know if they are fused or canvased and at what prices they usually run for?

I was in Shanghai at a Lagerfeld boutique and the price was around $2000 USD.
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