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Originally Posted by DarkNWorn
I think it's some sort of anxiety disorder. I can't ever sleep before exams. Usually 3-5 hours are what I can manage if I try really hard.

I am exactly the same way, even for easy exams.
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Melatonin is great. Highly recommended. I took it during the darkest days of law school. Not the night before the exam (I'm of the opinion that you should sleep well the night before the night before and not mess with your mind just before), but rather when I'd been stressed for weeks on end. I found that I needed exactly eight hours (which is my natural sleep duration) after taking it. Any less and I would feel sort of...fuzzy all the next day. But even then the side effects were very minor for me. As with all these things, you should try one on a few nights when you don't really need to be sharp the next day, in order to gauge the effect.
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Originally Posted by whodini
That sounds lazy. If I'm running low on time I'd prefer all three at the same time.
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did you try going to the doctor to see if you have some sort of insomnia? if not try taking sleeping pills
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Golf? Try surfing!
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have you tried these new sublingual sleep aids? they've worked pretty well for me.. check out ... they give a free 30-day supply.
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[quote=tiecollector;294079]Best sleep aid is hands down is melatonin, don't mess with anything else.

Take one of these when you are a little sleepy,

You want the controlled release, otherwise you'll just get a shot of it and might wake up in the middle of the night.[/QUOTe

Been taking melatonin for a while. It does help you to fall asleep, but doesn't help you to sleep thru' the night + it has a tendency to cause weird dreams. For best results, take a cocktail of melatonin + valerian root (to relax your mind)
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Originally Posted by tiratela View Post

For the past 8-10 years since I've been playing golf (10 Handicap) while in Japan, the States and now here in India, I can't seem to find a good-nights sleep the day before I'm going out.

I have the same problem on occasion, particularly when I have a very early tee time the next day. Maybe that's the problem. Perhaps you're used to going to bed later, and rising earlier, and when you alter that pattern for golf the next day you tend to have trouble sleeping. I'm guessing this only happens before golf? For me, I tend to have trouble sleeping when I have an early tee time especially when playing a tough course like Bethpage Black for example. If it only happens before an early tee time, I woudn't worry about taking medication. Just have a stiff drink to settle the nerves.
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the one at is 99.5% pure melatonin with other Chinese herbs in the mix....
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An hour before going to bed try to just relax and do nothing that will get you excited.
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Nice one...
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I just added G Monster Sleeping aid to my supplements Program; it has helped me sleep and has been helping me recover my muscles from the brutal training that I put on my self. It gives me a little buzz before bed and that is good for me because I do not drink, since alcohol weakens athletic performance. 6 Perfect meals a day Work 6 hours a day; 7 days a week Sleep 8 hours a day; 7 days a week Train 6 hours a day; 5 days a week 1 heaping tablespoon of G Monster 30 minutes before bed. Wake up: 2 tablespoons of Metamucil (this is to remove the bi-products and soreness from my body brutal training Immediately drop a deuce, and then have first meal. Late Morning 1.5 hours: Boxing; Muay Thai; Jui-Jitsu 30 minutes circuit weights 3 times a week; mixing it up every time 1 hour: stretch Post meal replacement while sitting in an ice bath Late After Noon 1 hour: Boxing; Muay Thai; Jui-Jitsu; Wrestling 90 Minutes: Bikram Yoga or Power Yoga or Gimnastics 30 minutes: stretch Post meal replacements while sitting in an ice bath 30 Minutes before bed I take G Monster to help me sleep; when training like this, my body is tired but my mind does not want to shut off; I was sitting in bed thinking and thinking. G Monster has the ability to help me relax and get the REM sleep plus the GH response to rest and recover for my next brutal day ahead of me. I bought the G Monster from
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