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Shortening this jacket...

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Generally, I take a short length, and thus find that 30.5" or so is the longest I can properly carry off. This particular jacket is about 32" long. In most circumstances shortening a jacket makes me nervous, but check out the button and pocket placement on this. They seem high enough that 1.5"-2" is a possibility.


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Are there flaps tucked in the pockets? Would you ever want to wear them out? That would make a significant difference visually.

The lapels, too, make me wary of shortening. Seems like it would create a very broad effect.

Two inches seems like a lot.
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I think you can hack an inch (maybe 1.5") off without throwing off the proportions. Any more and it starts to get iffy imo.
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Here is your solution, given we're both around the same chest size: 1. Win item. 2. Sell it to me. 3. Envy someone who can wear it the way it is.
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I have never found shortening more than 1/2" a good idea. Shortening 2 inches is a bad idea, if too long for you it would be better to sell it than ruin a nice suit.
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