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No Purchase Club (January -AND- February 2011)

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Today is January 03, 2011

This is the 'Official NO PURCHASE Club for January and February 2011 .'

  • All are welcomed and encouraged to join.
  • Any residual incoming from Christmas is OK as long as it was paid for before signing up.
  • Sign up now. The deadline to sign up is THURSDAY JAN 06, 2011.(up to midnight-central time)
  • This also accomodates those on the Julian Calendar who's Christmas occurs on Jan 07
  • Remember, This is for TWO months, until the end of February 2011.
  • Christmas returns or exchanges are permitted as long as you pay nothing extra to exchange.
  • You agree by signing up, to purchase absolutely nothing clothes-related for yourself during this time..
  • Any and all infractions must be summarily and honestly reported here.

This has to be the easiest time of year not to spend, so hopefully we get a good number of you signing up. This is the time to be strong. Who's with me?
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I am officially signed up. I have a few legacy purchases kicking in this week, but from here on out, I will buy nothing for two months.
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Sign me up. I have two shirts coming from Hemrajani, but I can't buy anything until the spring at the earliest. Wife is due in a week and looking to sell condo/buy house in spring. Can use all of the available cash I can muster.
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I give my committment. I've learned, that if you don't look, you won't buy. The trouble with credit cards is that it disassociates the purchase from the paying. So no more pink jeans, SF comic relief will have to come elsewhere.
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I'm in...In fact, I'm going to generate some income from my excesses over the next 2 months. On edit: I have a few stragglers making their way in this month (shoes, sportcoat, pants, etc), but will not purchase any more.
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In Europe the end of January means "January Sales" the Sale of Sales in some places. This is soo hard to resist !
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I'm in too. I have 2 things on the way, but won't spend anymore from here on out.
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Already purchased so I'm out
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Originally Posted by PTWilliams View Post
I've learned, that if you don't look, you won't buy.


This is the key to self control, in my experience. It means I need to stop reading SF, Will's blog, and other style sites as often as I do. But it's for a good cause. And I am staying out of B&S altogether. I know that, once I go in, I'm not coming out empty handed. Better not to go in at all.
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will start tomorrow... great idea.
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I'm assuming this applies to thrifting, too?
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January would have been feasible. But TWO MONTHS?! You guys are really taking no prisoners.
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Screw that!! "Help the economy." Spend that hard-earned $$$.

Also, what is the point of this?
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I'm in.
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I'm in too.
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