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I thought I'd try making one for myself; I have some experience in sewing (from high school and college ..... don't ask ..... ). Hey, it could be a good Sunday passtime!

Tried to search for how to fold/make a 7 fold and found several related articles on, and others. But, I didn't find anything specifying on how the ties are folded. The double-4-fold seems "simple" enough.

Does anyone know more about true 7-folds apart from "it is made from a whole square yard and folded 3 times from one side and 4 times from the other" or "you can tell a 7-fold from its assymetrical folds"?

It is supposed to be simple and I even tried to experiment on a square piece of paper but can't figure out how to fold it seven times into the shape of a tie and leave the tie thickness even thoughout.