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Are pale pink shirts for men ok?

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When I mentioned that I would like to buy a pale pink shirt, my male friends reacted very negatively. It is my experience though that women tend to think that there is nothing wrong with a man wearing a pale pink shirt, just as there is nothing wrong with a woman wearing a blue shirt; in fact, some women have lamented to me that men never wear pale pink shirts. Your take on the matter?
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Real men wear pink.
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I think that pink is a great color for shirts. Sadly, there is a large, churlish segment of the male population that thinks pink is too feminine a color, and that to wear it akin to wearing a feathered boa and singing show-tunes. Interestingly, and no less ironic, is that women find it quite attractive and you can really outshine your more staid peers.
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I remember reading somewhere that Brooks Brothers brought out their pink oxford button down around 1949.  I have a couple of these and when I wear them with a grey or blue suit always get compliments.  The pinpoint is a paler shade of pink and Faconnable also does a nice pink shirt with a spread collar. If it came from "old" BB how could it be wrong?
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avoid salmon pink and hot pink. pale pink is the best shade in my opinion. i like to wear it with black. pink shirts are also commonly seen with blue suits. btw, the soccer team that represents palermo, sicily wears a pink shirt with black shorts and black socks.
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When I mentioned that I would like to buy a pale pink shirt, my male friends reacted very negatively.
They're just jealous. Or maybe just ignorant. In any case, they're wrong. Foreclosing on a color just because of preconceived notions of its lack of masculinity is absurd. I have pink shirts, I wear them, and the last I checked, I still have a Y chromosome.
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pale pink is the best shade in my opinion.
It depends on your coloring. I'm pretty pale, and too pale a pink just looks washed out on me.
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i'm very pale too (like a ghost), but i have dark hair and brown eyes. maybe that balances things out. salmon pink has always been unpleasant to my eyes, and hot pink is too 'loud' for my taste.
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I agree with the above posts. Wear what you like, regardless of what the pervasive gender stereotypes might say. Pink is a great color; I have gotten alot of compliments on both of my solid pink ties from ladies whenever I wear them. Wear pale pink proudly.
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I have a pink shirt with white cut-away collar and white french cuffs that when paired with my brown chalk-stripe DB suit looks simply terrific.  I strongly encourage the addition of pink shirts to your wardrobe.  I would be at a loss to understand a man who found manliness lacking, or questionable, in another man who wore a pink shirt.  Gentlemen, it can be hoped that we've come at least this far.
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Judging from the poll responses, this is a very skewed sample of the world male population indeed. Definitely a statistician's nightmare. As many of you said, many women love to see a guy wearing a pale pink shirt. All of you have given me the confidence I need.
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My wife loves me to wear pink. She even told me she would be upset if I quit wearing it. It takes a confident man to pull pink off--go for it.
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If I wore suits on a rgular basis I'd definitely have a light pink shirt in my wardrobe, but I'm not sure I'd be comfortable wearing a pink casual shirt with jeans.
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Is this a trick question? Women like men to wear color, and will notice you more often when you do. I think our primary motivation (if we stop to think about it) in dressing is to receive positive feedback from the opposite sex (if straight), and the same sex (if gay), and both (bisexual). Flusser seems to be weariing it every time his picture is taken... I like it, wear it frequently, but am more partial to certain shades of orange, yellow, and green. And purple's my favorite color...
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Pink is a good color. I need to get another pink dress shirt. It does take a certain nonchalance to pull off successfully, however, in order to defuse possible rampant misguided homophobia.
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