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My first MTM suit (+ shirts), opinions please! - Page 2

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Indochino? Seems like they still have issues getting a good shoulder line, but it's better than what it used to be. Coat seems a bit crooked, you have a low left shoulder I guess? Pant seat is a bit generous, bunching up in the back there. Coat too short a bit. Otherwise it's not bad for online MTM.
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Looks fine. I would work on those pants though and get a new pair of shoes.
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Lower the back at top- you have a roll on the back, and the vents are not lying flat atm.
Jacket also looks a bit tight>how does it feel, there seems to be pulling at the top button and across back.
Hem pants, can't see the seat, but looks ok
double check sleeve length

the shoulders look terrible

not that bad though, have seen far worse for far more money.
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Thanks for the additional comments guys.

For the suit:

- So yes the pants need to be shortened 1-1.5" for sure.

- The sleeves need to be tweaked just a tad for length.

- The jacket is a bit tight through the back/chest. I've never worn a 'slim-fit' suit before so I'm not sure if I'm just not used to it, but there is a touch of pull across the back visible. So I think letting the chest out maybe 0.5-0.75" would be good. Along with letting the stomach out 0.25"

I think with those tweaks the suit will fit and look fairly good.

The shoulders are not perfect, there is a bit of dimpling, but generally I'm ok with them. As mentioned by someone they look better in the first few pics and that is how they usually look. In the other pics I was kinda spreading my arms a bit which caused some shoulder weirdness.

The seat of the pants, I don't think is too loose even though it looks that way in the first set of pics. In the pics of the dress shirts, the pants seat seems better fitted, more in line with the jacket. I think I was standing weird in one of the first pics.

The shirts:

- Can someone confirm that fixing the obvious pulling that can be seen, from the chest diagonally into the armpit, can be done by adding 0.5-1.0" on chest measurement and/or adding 0.25-0.5 to bicep measurement (the armhole seems a bit tight)?

Thanks again for the input. It really helps me know what I can tweak on this suit as well as knowing what to adjust on future purchases.

Happy new year by the way!

Those are both easy fixes.
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I personally think the chest looks fine, but that there is too much waist suppression. You actually have hips (i.e. an ass), and it's giving you too much of an hourglass figure. However, I don't know if that's what's causing the tightness. Also, the vents looks to be flaring slightly. I think less suppression should help with that.

My (uneducated) $0.02.
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This is almost exactly what my indochino jacket looked like. It seems they do too severe a waist suppression which throws off the chest and flares out the hips. I'm hopeful my remake will be better after adding 2" to the waist.

As for the shirt, I think that it's a combination of the chest, shoulder, and bicep measurements that determine how big of an armhole they do. I'd try making both the measurements bigger.
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Hi all,

A few people have asked who the tailor for the suit and shirts was. It was actually Indochino. It was my first order from them.

The suit is their Alchemist Brown Pinstripe wool/cashmere (since sold out now).

I'll get a tailor to let out the waist/stomach maybe 0.25-0.5" and let out the chest 0.5-0.75", along with shortening the pant legs. That should make it about right I think.

Overall, I'm happy for the price ($430 shipped for the suit, both shirts, a tie and a pocket square).

I'll update once the tweaks are made.
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So the suit is at the tailors. Having the waist and chest let out 1.0", tweaking the jacket sleeve length on one side 0.5" and shortening the pants 0.75". It was too tight around my lats and the waist supression was pulling wrinkles into the low back area as seen in pics.

The tailor really liked the fabric (wool/cashmere) and the suit in general actually.

I'll add new pics once I get the suit back.

Also having the two shirts remade as the chest and armholes were too tight causing a lot of pulling under the armpit. I added 1.0" to the chest and 1.0" to the bicep measurements, plus 0.25" to the sleeve length.
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