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What's new on savile row?

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I walked along Savile Row on Monday, so I thought I'd pass on what's happening. There are quite a few one button coats (they're not called jackets on the Row, apparently), though their are still three button ones on display at some of the more "hip" tailors e.g. French, Kilgour & Stanbury. The most striking material on display was at the latter - a mid-grey twill 3 button suit. As usual, Hunstman had some tweed in the window so gaudy that it could rival castor oil as an emetic.
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i'm glad to know there are others in this world who appreciate the simple genius of the one-button jacket. btw, i love twill shirts, ties, and suits. i have a custom made three-button black twill suit, and my next suit is going to be a one-button in a light gray twill, perfect for spring. i need to stop spending all my money on shirts though...
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I agree, I love the one-button suit. Does ANY suit maker still produce this model off the rack?
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I don't think Huntsman ready-to-wear is available in the US anymore and that was the most consistent source. I've got a single-breasted, one-button, peak lapel suit from Canali but I don't think they do them with any regularity. At least the odd model will crop up here and there. Perhaps, as the incredibly awful, airplane shouldered, low gorge, one-button suits of the 80's recede farther into memory the one-buuton suit will make a comeback.
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I'm sure every manufacturer is willing and able to produce one button suits. It just needs buyers and merchandisers to order them.
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I seem to recall seeing one button suits when I was at Emporio Armani.
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I don't know if any high-end suit makers make one-button suits OTR, but a lot of the designer brands do - I purchased a Dolce & Gabbana one-button a few months ago, which was of surprisingly acceptable quality and had a cut quite similar to that of a Huntsman. In addition to Emporio Armani, I believe I recently saw a one-button from Jil Sander.
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although not in the same league, you can readily find one button suits otr from calvin klein black label, donna karan signature, dolce & gabbana, gucci and i think i've seen boss hugo boss make it as well - so i think its safe to assume the higher end mass makers have been onto this for a while
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I agree, I love the one-button suit.  Does ANY suit maker still produce this model off the rack?
Andrew mentioned Huntsman, whose house style has one button and who is very well known for it. A number of makers have a one button, single-breasted, peak-lapel model that they typically use for tuxedos but that can be used on made-to-measure suits. I've seen a couple of Zegna suits made up like this, and it worked very well.
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