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Bowtie sale / Blowout ! ! ! !

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I have ordered before from this site and was pleased with my prior orders. Of course, when I saw the sale, I had to "respond" accordingly so I picked up 28 of them. What the hell. My infant doesn't need new shoes this month - the current ones can stretch a little.
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How much is their shipping?
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Some nice bowties. I need to get better at tying mine. I kept meaning to tie mine for work but after about 10 tries while half asleep, it kept coming out lopsided so I always had to put the necktie on instead.
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Originally Posted by AlanC
How much is their shipping?

I got free shipping, but I also ordered 28 bowties.
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How large are the bows when tied?
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they appear to be standard 2 5/8th or 2 3/4. I am wearing one today.
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I love bowties I have several in my collection... however is hard to me to wear them... I would look much older... so I am saving them for when I turn 50
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I wear them 2-4x per week. Love 'em. I am the youngest male in my legal department so it helps to look a little older.
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Thanks for the tip.

I was a little concerned about the lack of info on their website but I liked several ties so I bought two. You had to choose neck size in a range of 15-15.5, 16-16.5, etc, so I'm also not sure it they will fill properly....Shipping was $5 with USPS Priority. We'll see how reliable they are in a few days....
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I don't know why they do that - the ties are completely adjustable. If I recall, they "pre-size" them for you, but you can change the sizing
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I just order my first bowtie from them. I hope it is a good product and am looking forward to getting it. Is ur ehope I can make it look decent after some practice tying it.
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I received three ties from them yesterday. I ordered mine size 15 -15.5. The ties are adjustable but the ones that I got all had the adjusters set to 13.5 inches. The ties thus set matched in length my other ties that have the adjusters set to 15.5 inches. It may be that these ties are so heavily discounted because of mis-aligned adjusters. Whatever, they are very nice ties and as set they all fit.

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