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Originally Posted by UserName
But... is the jacket a bit too long? Perhaps the length of the jacket makes the button stance seem high...

I'm kind of long-torsoed, so a cover-my-rear jacket has to be a bit longer than usual.
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I see. Well, learnt something new today, thanks. Again, nice suit.
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I really like this suit, VG. It's a very nice bespoke look and you appear to be very comfortable in it. I think the button stance is perfect and sets the suit apart just a tiny bit from what we expect to see. I would take Manton's "old world" comment as a prime example of praising with faint damnation. As others have pointed out, the simple beautiful grey is a great foil for accessories. Thanks for the pictures.
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Thanks, gents, for all the good words and thoughtful advice. I've generally been pleased with the button stance of the two double-breasted Chans I have, perhaps because it is so "old world," hearkening to sartorial touchstones for which I have something of a soft spot. Still, the majority opinion has given me a small pause, and I may try and shake things up on my next DB Chan order, which may be awhile, as I'm planning to order at least two SB in the next year.
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I don't know what all this nonsense about the lapels is... I think they look fine.
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I like the higher stance; it provides a better fit for a "popped" tie.
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