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Some non-traditional footwear choices with jeans, comments?

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So getting away from trainers or the usual black/brown plain chelsea boot or chukka aesthetic or even other less typical choices like Sperry's and brogued chelseas, I was thinking about what people thought about some other types of footwear. I'm mostly posting this because I'd like to get a bit more mileage out of shoes that I'd normally wear only for business. As I have about 15-20 pairs of EG/Lobb/C&J/Grenson/CT/etc... that I don't wear that much, it seems like they might work with some streetwear outfits.

So for a fairly conservative choice, I think these would work fairly well, but aren't particularly interesting.

Would something like the C&Js or Grensons be considered trying too hard with a mostly casual outfit? (polo/jeans or the like, no dress shirt)

How about monkstraps?

Or ankle boots?

Lastly, is this look trying too hard? I have a pair of Gucci loafers that I almost never wear, and I have a hard time finding a situation in which I would wear them that wasn't casual.

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i love those JL monk straps, put them to use damnit. the gucci's not so much. actually, not at all. oh by the way, i hate you... i really want a pair of JL monks
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Those John Lobb ankle boots are beautiful. Personally i think ankle boots look fantastic with jeans. And as long as the jeans fall on them right the Grensons and C&Js can be worn casually in my opinion.
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yeah wow, those JL ankle boots would look great with a pair of jeans.

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my monk strap ankle boots... or are they chukkas?... look great with jeans, as do my vintage plain toe oxford cordovans.

anything can look good with jeans if you feel it... if you doubt, then it will look horrible
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i am wearing black alden ankle boots with jeans as i type this. the commando sole makes it feel a bit more street. (ddml stock photo below) those JL ankle boots are beauties.
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Could you post a few pictures of those shoes on your feet with jeans on? I don't think any but the top shoes will really work. They're an elegant shoe and denim just isn't. Too much of a contrast. Not picking on denim either as I don't think they would work for the most part with heavy cords or moleskins either. With the right jeans, very dressy jeans that have just the perfect sized opening they would work but the outfit would have to be fairly dressy which defeats the whole purpose of the exercise. If you beat the hell out of the shoes for 20 years they would work much better.
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The ankle boots will absolutely work; the rest (aside from the top pair) seem like it would be a case-by-case thing. I think it would depend heavily on the jeans and the rest of the outfit, but in theory I could see all of them working.
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NOT a fan of those GUCCI loafers. feels so un-denimish to me. ick.
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I honestly don't think that the ankle boot is any more appropriate than the other shoes. Just because you make an elegant shoe taller doens't take away from it's beautiful lines. You could more easily wear that boot with a suit than with jeans.
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everything you listed but the first (god those are ugly!) and the last (loafers ugh!) would work well with jeans.
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I'll try to see if I can get some pics, for most of the nicer shoes I'm pretty sure I'd go with a more dressy jean like, PDC GTO 1 years, or 5EP straights in resin, rather than something more worn in, but I would consider wearing them with my 5EP worns as well.
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I think all those shoes can be worn with jeans, altho I'm not fond of the gucci loafers. The boots are phenomenal, I'd be wearing those with jeans every other day. The top shoes are very jean-y but imo kinda ugly. The rest are dependent on what else you're wearing, but do-able.
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I'll show you how to pull off fuccis, but those are the wrong type and ugly I might add.
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Originally Posted by JET
I'll show you how to pull off fuccis, but those are the wrong type and ugly I might add.

Yeah, I think those particular Gucci with jeans throw off too much of a HK/Taiwan vibe. I have some 70s vintage Guccis in alligator that are awesome with jeans but wondered what to make of the ones I posted. The actual ones I have don't have the seam stitching and a bit more chiseled toe, they're actually a bit cooler.
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