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damn l/s button-down plaid shirt already sold out in M size
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the burnt orange hoody is looking really nice.
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agreed liking the burnt orange. more retailers need that color.
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irrelevant, deleted
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Since people have been asking about the fit of the new large loop terry hoodies, I thought I'll take a few pics. Usually an M in other brands, sized up to L for W+H. Going against the advice of some of this board, I went with my usual L for the hoodie. It is too big. Technically, the hoodie fits, but because of the stretchy and "loose" material, it hangs big and there is a lot of extra material in the arms and sides. I advise to go TTS on the hoodie or even size down. Honestly, I feel like I could even wear an S in this. Large Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
Medium Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
It's a subtle difference. See the extra material on the arms/sides. L feels like it is hanging on me. While an M is more of the W+H fit. I'm sticking with L on the other items (indigo terry crew neck fits perfect), but just an FYI on this specific hoodie.
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thanks for the pics bro. definitely M for you. I think the S might but too small for you.
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I think sizing down on the loop hoodies is bad advice, sure they stretch, but it's just like any other fabric: if sized correctly the stretching doesn't matter, and is just added comfort. I feel people are thinking that they stretch like a pair of raw jeans, and eventually they'll stretch to the perfect fit - it doesn't work like that (just ask me after you wash it). Stick with your Wings+Horns size, real talk.
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I know this is from S/S 2010, but I thought I would ask here as to not drudge up the old thread. What do you guys think this Field Mac Coat in Khaki goes good with? I got it last year on sale in the early fall, and I've been waiting to wear it since. With spring coming up, it got me thinking about it again. Anyway, what do you think it pairs nice with? I figured some nice dark jeans and a button down, or maybe some nice dark navy pants.

Anyway, only thing I'm worried about is the indigo rubbing off on the inside of the coat. It's not really lined or anything, but I'm wondering if you guys think I should be worried, or should I just accept if I wear it with dark raw denim, I will get indigo rubbing off on the inside??

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just wear it with everything,
let it get dirty
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If it's a medium let me take it off your hands, maybe? Then you won't have to worry about pairing it with anything...

But it should go well with button ups and black pants/jeans.
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So, my loop-terry is a little big and I want to shrink it a touch. Should I put it in the wash on hot and then in the dryer? or, just the wash then hang dry?
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^ hot wash, maybe evening some boiling water and a hot dry will shrink it somewhat. but careful, the seams and zippers may get warped after shrinking. i have done it before though.
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How bad was the warping? Because, I'm drying it as we speak.

Off topic: Fuuuuuuuuck, a button came off one of my BoO shirts in the wash. I really wish Wings and Band would sew their damn buttons on better. /rant
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it was a cheap american apparel, it didn't really happen too bad. with a more expensive hoodie, i'm not sure.
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Does anyone have any pictures of the Heather Gray Large Loop Terry hoodie?

Here's my story:

First, I purchased a medium from Blackbird...I didn't like the fit (too tight for me), however, I still liked the hoodie...Then, I purchased a large from RodenGray -- now I'm getting doubts on whether or not I like the hoodie. Thinking about returning it now, but of course I'd have to return for store credit only.
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