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Comparison of 6 BADLY Fitted Jackets

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I'm a little over 6'4" and weigh 175lbs w/ 9% body fat (at 23 years old). I would *love* to be fashionable, but it's close to impossible with my body type (ironically, since I'd like to think my slim/athletic musculature and height is rather ideal...)

Here are six jackets (two are typically suited) from various vendors. A few are OTR (42L, 42XL) from cheap popular stores (yes, one's a MWH). A couple have had alterations. One is from an overpriced tailor in Shanghai. I'll reveal the details later. I know they're ugly and embarrasingly fitted, don't hate me too much.

If you don't mind, please give me your opinion on the fit & style of each jacket (1-6)...! If you have any suggestions I could bring to a local tailor / alterationist in Atlanta that would give vast improvements, please let me know! Thanks so much!

Additional Photo Comparisons:

Open Jacket, Side View

Closed Jacket, Angle View

Open Jacket, Angle View
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According to Flusser's "Clothes and the Man", the back of the jacket should just cover the under curve of your buttocks. From your pictures #5 seems fit the best from every angle. Some of the others seem not to have a vent, and the one with the side vents should not pull away to reveal your hind quarters. You are 6' 4" tall, and very slim. You should be able to find suits and sportcoats that fit your physique, but at what price? In the third set of pics (front view) in your post, #5 seems to be a two-button. Had you fastened both? #5 also looks like the best fit through the shoulder. I gave all a quick glance, but #5 seems to be the best. Good luck.
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I would say that #3 fits "best" - but could the quarters be even more closed?
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#3 is best
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The most obvious problem I see is that the fronts all appear to be short, which means your posture sways back. The bad news is, this is a fundamental balance issue that is not likely to be solvable with RTW.
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#3 shoulders fit the best. I agree it is a little short.
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The third one is the best fit overall; however, I believe you should get more waist suppression since it tends to look somewhat tubular when buttoned up. Indeed, with that body shape, and type, mainstream suiting companies do not make it an ideal; designer brands would though.
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4 should be discarded. The others are serviceable. Not that your right shoulder sits lower than your left. That puts you into bespoke territory.

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No. 4 looks the most problematic. I need to have seen the model in movement, before deciding whether or not a fine fit, has been achieved.
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Except for #4 and #5, they all look OK.

Maybe you should try something different besides 3 button. Also, you should try out some different colors, as all the jackets look very similar (or maybe you have different colors already in your closet).
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Thanks for all the great comments! Here's a bit more detail (and my thoughts on fit...) #1 is an eBay experiment in 42XL (Pavone - Italy). The length and shoulders seem decent, but the middle is made for someone with a belly -- and the fabric isn't very nice. #2 is a Men's Warehouse (Joseph & Feiss) in 42XL. I can't believe I spent money on this... the shoulders are way too wide, and I look like I'm swimming in fabric (especially since the pants are 36" double pleated, and I'm a skinny 33"). #3 is from some Tailor In a Shanghai Mall (Fit Well Fashion). Very trim. Actually fits my shoulders with decent length (as has been mentioned). Probably because it's more like a "40XL"... which isn't an OTR size. #4 is a 50/50 linen/cotton blend from Banana Republic (42L). No matter how often I get this pressed, it still looks ratty (definitely a jeans only blazer). It's made for a fat person. Shoulders actually fit ok, though. #5 is wool from Banana Republic (42L). I've never worn this one because it's just too big in the middle. (You can kind of see that on the unbuttoned photos.) It's huge. Maybe a tailor can fix that. #6 is a wool/silk blend from Banana Republic (42L). This one actually fits rather well (length, shoulders, everything). Kind of surprisng. Any other thoughts? Suggestions on what I can tell the tailor to get these fixed? WHY is everything made for people with beer guts?
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#1 looks the best.

#3 would fit, if u were buying athletic wear. for a suit it looks cheap.

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So except for no.1, you've actually tried all the others on before buying?
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yeah, #4 looks bad

The others all look decent - my favorites being 1 and 3. Although 3 seems to be too small, as the side vents obviously flap open a little much
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Read here.
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