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Canali suit, Polo SPCT - 42R - 44L

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Here's more of the great closet cleaning - with the occasional "too good to pass up" deal thrown in. Now that I am comfortable selling on the 'Bay these will only hang around a few days before I move them over. However, I'd like to avoid the fees for listing, pics, using my keyboard, etc. so I will pass the savings along. Once they switch over the prices will go up.


1) The measurements are accurate to the best of my abilities.
2) All prices DO NOT include shipping. I will not make money off of the shipping: you will be charged close to the exact amount depending on how you want it shipped. I prefer FedEx Ground. The US Post Office is my kryptonite so if you make me use them I'll hang your suit on the back of my car seat and fart the whole way there.
3) There is no "dibs" just because we have exchanged emails. The first buyer to my PayPal has "dibs".
4) If I fail to notice the 6" hole in the seat of the pants then I will gladly allow you to return it but I can't afford to accept a return if the color will not work with your eyes or if you have to get it altered. Seriously?

Polo Sportcoat - 44L

Made in Italy. Fall/Winter weight brown plaid, SB, 3/2.5, side-vented, very soft shoulders, and surgeon's cuffs.

Chest: 45"
Waist: 42"
Sleeve: 23"
Lenght: 31" from the bottom of the collar.


Canali 3-Piece Suit - 42R

Rare, vested Canali. Made in Italy. Year-round weight, charcoal with brown over-check, SB, 3B, side-vented, pleated slacks w/ floating besom pockets. I found this at an unclaimed luggage sale and other than needing a pressing the thing looks new: it is in pristine shape. The poor bastard...

Chest: 45"
Waist: 42"
Sleeve: 25" w/ 1.5" to let
Lenght: 32.5" from the bottom of the collar.
Shoulder: 19.5

Vest: 43" chest

Waist: 35"
Outseam: 40.5"
Inseam: 30" - none to let but it does have a 1.5" cuff if you need more length.


Please keep checking back, much more to come!

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Burberry Rust Sportcoat - SOLD

Romeo Gigli suit - SOLD
J. Press suit - SOLD
Polo Tweed Sportcoat - 42L - SOLD
Burberry 100% cashmere sportcoat - SOLD
Fray dress shirt - SOLD
Oxxford Super 150's Sportcoat - SOLD
Incotex Trousers - 34W - SOLD
Norman Hilton Sportcoat - 42-44R - SOLD
Samuelson Sportcoat - 46 R/L - SOLD
Brooks Brothers Cords - 38W - on eBay
PRPL Sportshirt - on eBay
Armani Trousers - 36W - on eBay
RLPL Trousers - 39W - on eBay
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pm sent on oxxford suit
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are these measured from the bottom of the collar? They all seem a bit like L than R.
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PM Sent
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Updated for sold items (thanks), added new items, and made a few drops.
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PM Sent on the J Press.
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PM sent on the RLPL
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New items and drops.
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At least your FinAid wasn't cut in vain. Somewhere, some rapist or murderer in prison just got 13 extra direct TV channels. End of derail. I feel for ya.
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Are these all really from your closet? With such a variety in size? I don't care if you were make money selling clothes. I just was wondering if these were really all for you , then the size descriptions might be a little off - if they all fit.
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Some nice stuff! PM sent.
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New stuff and drops. Thanks to everyone so far for their purchases
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Are there working cuffs on the grey RLPL? Hum, I wonder how much it would cost to take the in the RLPL, it's just a little big for me... just musing out loud.
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Drops and trousers added.
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I am sad that the waist on that DB RLPL is so small
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