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What are you thankful for?

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It's Thanksgiving Day. When it comes to fashion, what are you thankful for?
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Pinstripes. They're just... awesome.
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the work of the weavers
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Denim and fashion eyewear.
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i'm thankful for this forum, as it has given me a place to discuss the clothes that i like and to discover new clothes as well. most of my friends dress like slobs, or do all their shopping at banana republic/armani exchange because it's safe. it's great to have a place to discuss men's clothes. i'm also thankful for every article of clothing i have. have a safe thanksgiving everyone.
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ah, only on this forum would we find such a topic. Well, here's what i'm thankful for: - coming back alive from the war in Iraq - my wife, and her constant support - our new house (with walk in closet just for me.) - Brioni - Volvo European Motorcars - Oxxford sportcoats - Luigi Borelli shirts - Coffee
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I am thankful for this forum and for the great people and neat stores that I have discovered in the last year.
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eBay, and Paper Denim & Clothing for making me to wear jeans again.
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- coming back alive from the war in Iraq
Amen to that.
- Luigi Borelli shirts
Amen to that, too. If the shoes aren't my undoing, the Borrelli shirts certainly will be.
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the freedom to wear what i wanmt when i want and how i want and not be constricted by "rules".
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Cashmere Mechanical watches Chelsea boots Bumble & Bumble Sumo Wax Bluefly The death of the square-toed shoe fad
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black turtlenecks cartier santos a mohair suit a pinstriped suit a suede jacket john lobbs friends family health contentment
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I remember buying my first suit, it was 1987 or 1988 and I just started working at a bank as a teller and needed a suit. I was 21 and still living under the close eye of my parents. On that day, I headed out to Woodies to pick out a suit with my mother. I eventually found one I like and took it up to the counter to get a few shirts and ties. I salesman comment on my selection say it was one of their best suits (what did I know). And, off I went. A few days later, after I had retrieved the suit after alteration had been completed I was talking to my (at the time) girlfriend and mention that I had bought a suit. She asked me who the designer was, not knowing much more then I liked the was the suit looked I had to check inside the jacket, the tag sewed inside said MANI by Giorgio Armani. I told her, she being much more fashion savvy then I, went silent for a few second and then ask me when she was going to get to see me wearing it. Anyway I'll post pic of the two MANI suit I have laying around(both of which do not fit) when I get a chance. NP
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