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Teeth Grinding

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Does anyone else have a problem with teeth grinding? I'm sure someone does because I read it affect 20% of the population? How did you treat it? A night guard, relaxation techniques, etc???
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I used to clench at night, but know someone who has just ground her molars into a cracked tooth and root canal.

How to fix? I'm not an expert but I do know what I've seen and experienced. You could get a night guard, but that does not fix the underlying problem. There's probably unaddressed stress or issues that you're avoiding. I run in the mornings and that gives me a mental hosedown to start the day.

Relax, of course, find a good book to read, get it out of your system. The short of it is that this won't resolve on its own until you get the underlying issue taken care of.
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I do. My dentist gave me a night guard, which just gives me something to chew on. Doesn't help the underlying problem at all.
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I think I do, but to tell the truth I never worry about treating it because I never think of it. I've never had damage or headaches or anything. I have a night guard but don't wear it. I really wish there was a way to tell how often I do it and how severe it is.
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Stop reading the Current Events forum.
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I grind my teeth at night. I've ground down a couple of my teeth, but thankfully not to the point where they need to be replaced. My dentist and I spoke about it and he told me they could mold a night guard, which would take time and cost a decent amount, or I could go out and pick up a regular sports mouth guard for like 2 bucks. I went for the 2 dollar mouth guard. It just needs to be replaced every 6 months or so, but it is a lot easier and I have a mouth guard around if I play some hardcore ball.

I don't know if there are any underlying causes for grinding, but I know my father grinds his teeth too. Maybe its a genetic thing. Or maybe both of us just have a lot of stress from all the stupid people in the world. Damn you stupid people!!
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Stop taking ecstacy
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Thanks for the replys.I'm trying to do the nightguard but I need to something about the stress. I heard if you tire out your jaw it would be easier to relax.
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Getting something done about the underlying cuases would be a good idea. I had some of my teeth adjusted (ie dental powertools used to wear down certain areas) and wil be going in at some point soon to get a nightguard fitted (need to get a mould done).
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