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BEST: Everything Epaulet!! Picked up some shirts, Handknit Shawl Cardigan, Black and Tan Alden Indy, everything from Mike is $$$$$$, love it all. Custom Hand Knit Sweater from Four Horsemen: Super warm and just overall amazing SNS Stark: Picked up 2 different colors IronHeart 634 B Overdye: Love these more everyday Wolf vs Goat Overdye Buttondowns: These shirts were pretty much a perfect fit on me (but see below) WORST: Wolf vs Goat Overdye Buttondowns: The color on these blew for me. The charcoal ended up getting light pick discoloration after the first wash, sent it back and got another. Same thing for the second one, returned it..... the dewberry also had some slight discoloration, sucked but kept it. Still have the dewberry, purple and green. heard some rumblings about other people having color issues but oh well. But can't complain to much since the customer service is spot on with WvsG.
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Originally Posted by Prada_Ferragamo View Post
Everything that I have bought this year were good except:
ss10 Damir Doma tee: looks like a fucking dress on me
Odyn Vovk canvas jacket: should have sized up more. gilt sizing.

What size did you try? I wonder about his jacket sizing a lot.
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best: ro high collared intarsia in oiled leather
my puppy
lego death star
ccp tornado boots

worst: damir doma coat i returned
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best - Dior 21cm worst - j.crew shirt that two other guys in my office building apparently also thought would make them look different and cool
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i thought i'd be the only person in my zip code with the flair and panache to pull this off

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Robert Geller hooded bomber in black - I got this at the beginning of the season. Fits me like a glove, but miraculously, also allows me to layer. Really nice details. I'm actually contemplating buying it in the charcoal color, just so I can wear it all of the time.
Krane Orkan duffle in black washed leather - my ultimate travel bag. And, unlike so many travel bags, it looks good collapsed too. I have not quite as many bags as I do belts, and it beats everything at its sub $1K pricepoint by a long mile. It is not quite as well thought out as, say, the MA+ bags, but on the other hand, I would feel comfortable going to war with this thing. Not so much MA+.
Krane Saelen again in black washed leather.
Margiela 5-zip in blood/dark rose - I'd forgotten how good a big punch of color is when everything else is grey, black, navy, or indigo
Triple Works slim straight leg jeans in future indigo - having been concentrating on other parts of my wardrobe, I'd forgotten how good good denim is. The color is fantastic, with a black tone that makes it wearable with anything from navy to black to charcoal.
Wings+Horns chambray vest - I can layer this with anything, and pretty much have.
Wings+Horns thermal shawl collar pullover - I can feel grown up while not looking like a typical engineering prof. This is what I imagined I'd be wearing if I ever got to this professional level.
MA+ cardcase - whatever derogatory things I like to say about goth ninjas, MA+ leather goods are awesome. And the cardcase is a leather origami work of art. And the greenish "petrol" color is stunning.
KMW belt in natural - is it worth $360? No idea. But I've worn it about 200 days of the year, so, on a cost per wear basis, it's worked out well.

Worst -
Nicolo Ceschi Berrini slouchy hoodie - certain people can pull this off. I just look sloppy. So do 90% of other people who try it. Most of them don't realize it. I did, and shelved mine. If it were cut slimmer and shorter, I'd be wearing this all of the time.
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-F/W10 Robert Geller Fishtail Parka in Hunter Green (50) - Easily my best purchase of the year overall, I knew I was going to love this jacket, has been my main outerwear piece during these colder months, and it's just big enough to layer a shirt or knit under.

-F/W 08 Stephan Schneider crew neck sweater (5)

worst: The worst purchase of the year for me was when I bought $400 worth of stuff (on sale) from the Opening Ceremony website, stuff that I had been looking at for weeks (knits). Well I get an email two days later saying that they were actually out of stock on everything that I had ordered, and I had to wait like more than a week to get my money back, i.e. missed out on other sales. Very disappointing.

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RLBL cashmere half-zip. Easily the best thing I have in my closet, and probably the best thing I'll have ever gotten from gilt. Too bad they don't do RLBL/RLPL sales anymore really.

21cm MIJ Dior's
Zegna cardigan
Zara trench
Ted Baker half zip boots
Martegani cordovan wingtips

-Marc Jacobs grey blazer which is too long, spent entirely too much and no one really wants it. I try to make it work anyway.
-Lova denim jacket... got a size small and it was too small, can barely lift arms in it. :/
-Filippa K white high-tops... everyone asks me if I'm wearing wrestling shoes when I'm wearing them. sigh...
-most of the impulse shit I got from jcrew
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Originally Posted by LA Guy View Post
Wings+Horns thermal shawl collar pullover - I can feel grown up while not looking like a typical engineering prof. This is what I imagined I'd be wearing if I ever got to this professional level.
Co-sign this. The thermal cardigan and thermal shawl pullover make my best of list, as well. In addition, all pants and all shorts from 2010 which I just tallied up and I have a shit load of. Best: - Gitman Flannels and Oxfords. Don't know why I never tried Gitman until 2010. Love the fit. Move over Gant Rugger. Like really move over and get out of the way because I need space to hang my Gitmans and the closets pretty small. - Reigning Champ Oatmeal sweats (sans initial sizing issue). Wear like a pair of fine slacks and have worn them to office with normal business casual attire on top and it's gone unnoticed. - CP White Achilles lows. Glad I finally just did it. Sizing had me shook but I got it first go-round, thank goodness. I suppose now the most versatile shoe I own. Can't wait for summer. - A lot of good vintage finds - Birdwell Custom Rain Coat. Navy with green plaid lining. Cheapest custom coat I'll ever own. Interested to see what occurs with Birdwell in the coming year and if this could be one of the last years the company will been run in it's traditional manner. Also my birdwell trunks which served me well over the summer. - Grim Tims. They fit me well and offer my desirable OTR inseam in raw which is a somewhat unorthodox size. Cultizm is the shit also. Love that place. Worst: - Russell Moc Chukkas. - W+H tiger fleece. I like they still employ it as a staple of their f/w offerings but it's appeal is growing thin. Glad they're experimenting with different fabrics. - Rachel Comey oxfords - Purchased too much plaid. Need more solid ocbds in interesting colors. - St James tee (saw someone else mention st james). I couldn't pull this off even as extra on treasure island. the neck. jfc @ the neck p.s. WWM and even EG both fit me like shit. Give me a size S in about anything and I can kinda just make it work. But with those I cannot purchase online anymore, only in person.
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Best -
Cheaney factory shop special make up brogue boots
EPs Smith jeans
Alden unlined suede chukkas
Various Gant Rugger OCBDs

Worst -
A J Crew shirt that fell apart the first time I wore the poxy thing.
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You guys are making me want a st james boatneck (2).

Slack, what's up with russell mocs? I'm going to order some soon. What size are you in those btw
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Best: Worst: Fake Moncler Jacket
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^I thought your worst list would be a lot longer or are you saving that for the other thread?
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Just pickin one of each dawg
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