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Your Best & Worst Purchases of 2010 - Page 11

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Jil Sander black diamond bag from 2008/09.
Rick Owens Strutter shorts
Alexander Wang double layer shorts


Robert Geller two tone split shirt
Alden Whiskey shell cordovan longwings that were way too big (size 8E but fit much much larger).

Biggest regret:

Buying then returning a pair Yohji Yamamoto Spring 2009 black wool pants that had a silver stripe running down the side.
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tOJ winter varsity all black
Epaulet chinos
RRL slim chinos that fucking ripped and i got repaired and they looks like shit now....
Patagonia r2 fleece and nanopuff jacket

none in 2k10 that i can think of, kopping w/ restraint these days.
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Best: SNS Herning Knit, Stark- Olde green, beautiful. Our Legacy Navy Shawl Collar Jumper Head Porter Plus Olive Ringsnap Shirt- probably my favorite piece. Our Legacy Madras Shirt Oliver Spencer Navy Gingham Shirt Nom de Guerre Grey Overshirt Real McCoy Raw Denim Jeans Yuketen D-Ring Hunt Boots, Brown Adidas Originals “Hide and Seek” Stan Smith 80s TF Waste Twice Linen Parka Jacket Lanvin for H&M Pea Coat, Merino cardigans- really suprised by these. Monocle X Porter Baby Boston Bag In between: Uniqlo Chinos Urban Research Chambray Trousers Worst: Universal Works Chambray shirt- way too big, but nice. Dania denim jeans- way too small, long story. Bought in Kojima, store closed and went in through the workshop, where they let me in to the store. Air conditioning turned off, 37'C outside, instansly covered in sweat and couldn't get the jeans on so had to guess they would fit ok. Not likely!
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My favorite purchase this year was a lightweight dries jacket from B&S and wore for the latest contest. Wear it all the time, way too much really but been looking for something like it for a while.
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
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APC New Standard Jeans
SNS Herning Fisherman zip sweater

Not sure yet:

Red Wing 3140 Chukkas


First five month of this year i just bought left and right, and hated it within a week. First when i discovered this page, that i gained some patience, and buying what i need.

Now i just need some more solid pieces and steer clear of workwear and ill be all good
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Used Allen Edmond Leeds in Cordovan leather (free from give away), got them re crafted. They look and feel new.

Rayban Sunglasses with clear prescription lens, yes I know every other hipster/college kid has them as glasses now, but I really like them.

Levis 514 - fit the best out of all the cheap jeans I've tried.

Trying to get cheap jeans,
Bought a couple pair of Arizona brand jeans at the mall, quality is really bad.

Fruit of the loom/Hanes Undershirts - Horrible quality, collar all wrong after washing and won't stay straight.
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Best: Dior Homme B18 sneakers Brooks Brothers ESF shirts MMM Gray suit Worst: Costume National blazer in Black that I never wear JCrew merino wool sweater in Small that was way to friggin big, gave it to a friend who is a medium in everything and it fit him perfectly Undecided: BB Black Fleece Suit - not sure if the non-darted jacket looks good
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TOJ varsity and shirting


Red chambray. Looked horrible with my skin tone. Thank god I didn't pull the trigger on the EG one, and instead bought and promptly returned the peasant version from the gap.
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ToJ bomber in brown calf
Alden/Context Roy
Raleigh jeans I bought from their workshop
striped BoO shirt--my best Gilt purchase ever
Epaulet heirloom blackwatch cardigan
brown twill-esque cardigan from UO of all places that people keep complimenting me on

nothing real bad worth noting
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Mr. Freedom Mullholland Master, first in brown (the business) then in black (the shit)
DietButcherSlimFit peaked lapel suit in black (Yakuza doin' Reservoir Dogs)
Aspesi techno shirts (most versatile since I remember except for freezing my a.. off at WC Final)
Fay wool coat with vest liner in charcoal (should have worn this one instead)
Post O'Alls melton shirt in navy (with a deep, respectful bow to Mr. Ofuchi)
Rag & Bone for Odin wool coat in black (guess it was the year of the coat, just wore it for 10 straight)
Dior Homme suit in charcoal self-stripe (jacket box beats my bespoke experiences any day)

Moncler V down jacket in steel blue (shoulders good, length.....uh)

no confirmed closet orphans up to this date.
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Best: Thorogood for Epaulet Horsehide No. 685 Boot Probably the only truly decent pair of shoes I own. Almost too soon to tell if these should make the "best" list but it's fairly obvious just from a couple weeks of wear that these are very comfortable, go with more or less everything I own, and will likely last forever. Garrett Leight frames These are brand new, from the house line that's just started up by the son of Oliver Peoples founder Larry Leight, who owns a shop on Abbot Kinney here in Venice. These have drastically improved my look more than any other single piece. Worst: TM Lewin "Slim fit" dress shirts Purchased three of these for myself as part of an order of 8 for the groomsmen in my best friend's wedding. While the sizing was pretty good for the rest of the guys, even the smallest size in their "slim fit" was a joke and didn't really work on me at all. I had the one for the wedding tailored (including slimming the shoulders -- luckily there was extra length in the sleeves too), and didn't bother with the other two as there's no way it was worth it. Sold them at a pretty serious loss along with a bunch of other non-fitting British shirts I'd bought back in London before I knew how shirts were actually supposed to fit. I'd assumed the smallest size would be as good as I'd get; I was wrong. LL Bean Signature Madras shirts Bought two of these, was hoping they'd be great and I really liked the patterns. Ultimately, fit was bad, quality wasn't great. Tailoring was too costly and I would have been better off buying one good shirt from Epaulet instead of two from LLB.
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