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Your Best & Worst Purchases of 2010 - Page 2

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Good (things which i wear alot)

J. Lindeberg "Travis" harrington jacket in navy
Marc Jacobs High-Tops in olive
Nudie Big Bengt Organic
Fred Perry x Raf Simons sweater in blue
Popissue dip-dye t-shirt in blue/lightblue
Hugo High-Tops "Piam" in white/brown/black
Hugo Shirt "Erino" with contrast sleeves
Asos basics
Paul & Joe leather holdall in beige/lightbrown

Bleu de Paname Pantalon Carotte
Ordered size 34 from Colette, they delivered Size "XL", too big, I washed them thought they weren't sanforized, but they were

Veronique Branquinho x Camper Shoes
the yare quite uncomfortable
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Madstaxbro, do you have a fit pic of that shirt? Looks fucking fantastic but I wouldn't know how to wear that out.
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Best *Alfred Sargent "Stirlin" commando sole brouges. Not that expensive, comfortable, fits with "everything" *LVC 44´s. Perfect jeans cut. Slimmish straight leg, high rise, bit slouchy. *Oscar Jacobson cord sports coat . Havent worn it that much yet, but I forsee heavy rotation. *bunch of shirts, esp. 2 great patterned oxfords from Gant Rugger. *Filson briefcase and/or zippered tote. Both are great. *possibly Filson single dry tin pants, got to hem them again () to really evaluate the potential. The make me want to get more filson pants anyway... Shelter cloth? worst: some US cargos that really did not fit, left them to goodwill. german cargos, pretty much same fate Carhartt EU chambray, I hate the buttons and dont have energy to exchange them. Clarks desert boots. Got them on sale, but that doesnt make up for the fact that they are lined with a plaid synthetic material that does not breath at all.
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also, I got a pair of Jil Sander espadrille wedge heels in white gold leather for my girlfriend from the corner sale this summer, they didn't look like much in the pics online and they weren't too expensive at all; they turned out to be really elegant looking with a very skinny tapered heel in the back, and really durable for what they were, considering she wore them quite a bit this summer - the little tiny heel topy pin doesn't even need replacement yet; they're in the shoes closet sitting there looking nice for next summer as well. On our nasty sidewalks here, low soled stilettos die within a day or two, so these shoes are definitely something different and I wouldn't have guessed that when I was buying them. Those are probably my best clothing purchase of 2010, actually.
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Nigel Cabourn Submarine Knit
EG Desert Pants
EG Bedford


Reigning Champ Varsity Jacekt (sizing screw up)
Reigning Champ Recycled Fleece Hoodie (average quality...average fit)
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Best: Julius leather DBSS boots Worst: Geller sunglasses because they never get worn.
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Wings + Horns Shawl Collared Cardigan


Quoddy chukkas. Like them, but haven't barely worn them
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Somet 008's - Probably my go to pair at the moment.

W+H Black terry hoodie - Got this off BS, and it's the best fitting hoodie I have.

AE dress shoes - Off BS as well. Not aldens, but at $60 nearly new? Definitely one of my better pick ups.

W+G button downs - Awesome fit for me. I picked up a couple of BoO's before this one and wanted to sell them immediately after I put this on for the first time. Plus, Mauro's customer service and prices are unbelievable.

Uniqlo sweaters and heat tech - Should have picked up more.


BoO Shirts - I just don't have the longer torso required for these. Also, the ridiculous amount of money I spent just made them an expensive lesson I could have done without.

Almost everything from Gilt - Nearly everything I bought was sent back to them. It took me forever to spend the $200+ credit I had built up. I did eventually get a nice pair of Rag and Bone, though.
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- Yigal Azrouel peruvian sweater jacket
- Green Rafstros
- TOJ goatskin bomber
- Buzz Rickson pea coat (or was it late 09?)
- Cheaney wingtip boots
- Moscot blonde sunglasses
- CP summer achilles
- Seavees trail boots
- a few bespoke suits and jackets

- too much bad sh!t out there to keep count of
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Oh boy, let's see....I lost 85lbs over the last year and a half so this year was a big clothes buying year for me, basically needed to replace everything but shoes. So....


EG Bedford in black whipcord (have worn way more then I would have imagined!)
APC New Standards (great fit, cheap and holding up well so far)
White's Semi-Dress cap-toe boots (my favorite boots)
Alden x Context Roy boots
A bunch of great shirts (Sunny Sports, Mister Freedom, Sugar Cane, EPs)


EG Chambray (love the shirt but the fit just wasn't good...already sold)
RM Williams boots (nice boots, just not my style...already sold)
J Crew Fatigue jacket (nice jacket but not quite my style and I almost never wear was cheap though so I keep it around)

That is about it for the bad stuff. Overall I'm pretty happy with my buys this year. Spent a lot of money on a lot of stuff but almost all of it I love and gets a lot wear.
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i dont have a worst. but i dont buy a lot of stuff.
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Best: Brooks Brothers Black Watch Sportjacket Levis 514 slim jeans Brooks Brothers Pointed Bow-ties SWIMS - The Cadillac of Galoshes Worst Lee Denim Jacket (Downsized to get the right fit; Too short in the back, my bad) Brooks Black Fleece Pants (Only because I bought them for $600 and haven't worn them at all) Brooks Chocolate Brown Pointed Bow-tie (I don't even ever wear this... maybe next year) I'm also overall very happy with my buys this year. Avoided many stupid mistakes.
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APC Petit standards
paul smith zip boots
wool socks

almost everything i got from the mall
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- crescent down x south willard pendleton wool down vest
- EG f/w '10 zip hoodie
- wwm f/w '10 upland oxford
- eternal 811
- epaulet moleskin trousers
- barbour bedale (can't believe i waited so long to finally grab one)


- wwm f/w '10 striped wool stream jacket (BEAUTIFUL jacket, just not warm enough to wear in the winter, but at the same time too warm to wear in the spring months. had a hard time justifying a $600 coat i'd wear 2-3 months a year).
- mcnairy x rest store camo cargos (cool pants, but the rise is WAY too low for me, and they are just too fashion-y. don't really fit in with the rest of my wardrobe)
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($280) - thought it was waxed, kinda weird fit / big collar

Dammit. I just got the Tokihto Horse Riding Jkt (for 378!). You really didn't like it? Should I refuse delivery, it's that bad?
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