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As I feel that my wardrobe is pretty much complete, 2010 will probably be one of the last years where I try to robokop everything I think is interesting. It was a good year for sure. Best of the best: also PBJ 005BK, pea coat from Rugby RL, J+ top coat, there's others I can't recall them all Worst: Pea coat from J crew (was talked into buying it from a salesman b/c I was unsure and it happened to be on sale for $198 down from $275, returned it the next day) Pea coat from Gap - felt like thick cotton rather than wool Dress pants from H&M - nice and slim, but the moleskin cotton picks up every fleck of dust in my house. Too late to return.
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you can return stuff to h&m pretty much whenever you want
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* MMM GATs in white, blue, olive
* MMM black hi-tops
* CP duffle bag in tan - perfect size
* Ervell fairisle

* Calvin Klein pants that are too baggy
* Couple of MMM bags I had to return due to bad design/too big

Haven't decided yet:
* Clark's DBs in sand suede and beeswax: like the look, but not that comfortable near the end of the day.
* BBBF suit and slacks: need to tailor them first
* Alden cigar longwings: will probably move to the "best" list once I get a chance to actually wear them
* Neil Barrett grey patent perforated wingtips: this one could easily go either way. Again I have to actually go wear them first.

Previous years updates:
* Lanvin low-tops in blue: sole too chunky, I never wear them, I fell for the hype. Not sure if I should sell them.
* WWM Maine Guide jacket fw09: still my go-to winter jacket (I'm not in a cold state)
* John Varvatos boots: nice boots for the price, don't care if they are not SF-approved
* I ended up dumping the majority of my pre-SF shoes on EBay. It's amazing what people will pay for Nikes or used Adidas.

Resolution for 2011:
* Continue dumping stuff I don't wear onto EBay
* Be more selective about what I buy, but don't be afraid to experiment now and then.
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^should have copped old sole lanvins
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I really dig this jacket. Where did you get it? What's the situation with the sizing?
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My best based on frequency of wear.... Attachment jacket
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xs boo shirts who am i kidding i need smalls Best is probably a navy w&h zip cardigan thing. Easy to layer with, no hood to get all in the way but it's as warm as a regular hoodie. Kinda don't like the collar on it but w/e.
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I really like everything I bought in 2010. I am not sure I could pick a favorite.

So, in the new category of "I Liked It A Whole Lot More Than I Thought I Would," I nominate the black Rafstros from the context sale. Those were a surprise. I usually mull over a purchase for a while before pulling the trigger, but I bought those about 3 minutes after I saw them for the first time. I also like the grey waxed 19cm diors more than I thought I would.

I would like to include my jil suit in best-of for 2010 but the damn thing isn't here yet and I am concerned . . . .

2009 was a different story, a lot of turkeys that year. Biggest disappointment was a Neil Barrett cardigan that was high quality and had a nice pattern but did not fit me right. It had four buttons and there was no way for me to button it without it looking awkward for some reason. I lost a lot of money on the sale.
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Originally Posted by jet View Post
^should have copped old sole lanvins

Yeah I know.
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Best of:
Levi X Filson Jacket
Visvim Kangaroo Virgils
EG Chambrays
EG Workaday Sateen Fatigue Pants
Samurai 0210(fabric is amazing)

Worst of:
Samurai 0210(only cause I sized too big)
Visvim Highwaters(3 of them, fit is too big)
Visvim Button Ups(2 of them, fit is too big)
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Think I told dl not to cop that nb.

Man I should start an advice thread.
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Junya Red Down Shirt
Junya Brogue Boots
Supreme leopard backpack
Supreme duffle
epaulet rivet chinos in camo

Our legacy chinos, such awful quality.
Visvim Virgils, I just never really wear them but they're good to have I guess?
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Originally Posted by jet View Post
Think I told dl not to cop that nb.

Man I should start an advice thread.

yeah I should have listened. I was financially raped in the sale, think I lost $450 when I flipped it. Probably my worst single item beating. fuuuuu
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Originally Posted by jet View Post
Think I told dl not to cop that nb.

Man I should start an advice thread.

Do it.
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best: sns fisherman full button-up 3sixteen stadium jacket navy lvc 505 1967 - such a great fit on me, i waited so long because i was apprehensive about the higher rise (about 5" higher than apc ns, got them same size as ns - sz 30) kmw 1950 buckleback - shout-out to zissou who talked this up, fits me better than my ih 634s, acquired blue owl flash sale-style cp achilles antique low navy roy denim - before self edge adopted the brand, so i got them for $165 (haven't used them yet as i'm not in repro mode lately, might still sell them) worst: none worth mentioning really, maybe some frames that didn't really fit my face shape.
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Originally Posted by adamha21 View Post
Do it.

maybe i will but there will be a post/member since requirement for me to answer

or if I just don't like you then you will be ignored
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