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Your Best & Worst Purchases of 2010

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Yes, grunts, it's already that time of year again where we huddle around our computers and share our best and worst credit card swipes of the last 12 months. You know the ones I mean. The ones that made us laugh or cry or maybe fixed us a sandwich after a long day of work or Styleforuming.

Let's keep this simple: Pick three or four pieces for each category and add pictures, unless it's something stupid no one wants to see like a J. Crew flannel. Also, tack on a few words explaining your reasoning for each selection.

And just for extra, end-of-the-year fun, update us on how the purchases you dubbed your best last year are faring. Are they still great or can you barely stand to be in the same room as them and secretly hope someone spills an entire bottle of ink on you just so you can have a valid excuse to never wear it again? *ahem*


  • Krane Cyrial Aviator Jacket: This is a recent purchase, so I'm still in the honeymoon phase with this thing. But fuck is it lux. Just a warm coat with impeccable detailing. The fur collar isn't gaudy and feels so nice against my neck that I risk being labeled a hipster douche by keeping it slightly popped up when I'm walking around outside.
  • Epaulet Exploded Flannel: SF has reconditioned my conditioning for what I deem acceptable to spend on clothes, but I still look a few times before I leap with shirts. This is one of the few leaps I took that I haven't regretted at all. It's my favorite shirt and yeah, it's loud as shit, but it weaves in with pretty much anything else I own.
  • W+H Service Boots: I spent the last month of 2009 harassing people who owned this boot via PM and ordering and sending back/re-selling this boot from online vendors and forum sellers. Thankfully, it was all just practice for the real deal when I came across a decently worn pair in my size. These things practically murdered me when I chose my summer trip to NYC as my first time to really walk around in them, but they've become comfortable like sneakers since. I love the worn, dusty look paired with the low profile sole.
  • Uniqlo S-002 Gray Denim: I chose this denim in black as one of my favorite '09 purchases and the gray iteration hasn't fared any worse. Bought for $20 this summer, they've become my go-to denim and the thing that makes me contemplate whether I actually even like indigo denim.
  • Epaulet Burgundy Trousers: Ah these things. My favorite pair of summer pants and the item that made me realize I like being dandy as fuck during the summer, even though I'm not down with that shit once leaves start falling. They're also the thing that made me break my own guidelines for this thread in number of items you should pick for each category. Wearing red pants in Michigan will also make you synonymous with "the guy who wears red pants," but I mostly just liked them because they were comfy and purrrty looking.


  • Wolf vs. Goat Chinos: Sorry, dudes, these things sucked. I think Mauro's a swell guy with some serious ambition. But the lousy cut was a fitting end for a product that got delayed like five or six months. Some people loved these things, but I thought the top block and the legs were like if Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde had to be represented in a piece of clothing.
  • Epaulet Gaberdine Trousers: This is all about me forgetting that I don't look good in really light pants. I loved the texture and the fit, but I don't think I've ever worn a pair of light trousers and thought, "Ohhhh yeah." Got these hemmed before I decided they didn't work for me, so coupled with eating the tailoring fees, reduced resale price + shipping fees, it wasn't a smart buy for me.
  • Cheap Uniqlo Summer Shirts: This is mostly because I didn't want to wait two hours in line to try them on and thus paid for my sins in shitty, awkward fits on the shirts. They were cheap, but they still got a collective five or six wears before I realized how stupid they looked.

2009 Update

  • Epaulet Purple Flannel: Just sold this. Still loved how it looked, but the darting in the back just didn't get along with my frame in this size.
  • Apolis Activism Vandenberg Jacket: Looking to sell this now (and you should totally buy it!), but only because the Krane jacket is all I want to wear now.
  • Uniqlo S-002 Black Denim: Haven't worn much this fall, but only because those damn gray S-002's are hogging all the time when I decide to cloak the lower half of my body.
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i didnt really start paying attention to what i wear and didnt find styleforum until midway through 2010, so this will be rather succinct best: toj fqhh dr: dont really need to go into detail here worst: beeswax clarks: these things are awful goddamn they look stupid as hell and it pinches my left big toe when i walk for some reason [i wouldnt wear them even if they didnt but yea]
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I'll play. I'm still in the noob / building stage of things, but I feel I've had a pretty good year.

  • Momotaro x Context Grand Indigo jeans. Originally purchased when released over the summer, but waited until tolerable temperatures arrived here (i.e., October) to start breaking in. Quickly became my favorite pair of jeans, ever, and are getting almost daily wear. Just recently started showing some fading; can't wait to see where these end up 6-12 months from now.

  • Alden x Epaulet Brixton Boot in ravello. I'm not much of an impulse buyer, and before finding SF, I would never have imagined dropping $665 on a pair of boots under any circumstance, let alone on impulse. But the moment I saw these in Epaulet's email blast, I knew they would be mine, and haven't looked back since. These boots simply kill.

  • Epaulet trousers (many). I work in a professional/office environment, just a step above traditional business casual. Finding slim fit trousers around here is basically impossible; I had been spending $200+ on shit quality pants from the mall, plus tailor $$, and the results still didn't fit that well and were always boring. Short of going bespoke, I thought this was the best I could hope for, until I discovered the "Walt" trousers from Epaulet. These pants fit perfectly, have high quality construction, and the fabrics are really interesting. Really can't beat the value proposition. I've lost count of how many pairs I'm up to now.


Fortunately, I didn't have too many misfires this year. Still over-cautious, I suppose; although there were still a few.

  • APC New Standard jeans. My entry into raw denim. I got the sizing right, but they stretched so much that I ended up with diaper butt in just a few months. Plus, the denim and construction is really not that great; after only 6 months they started falling apart. I know APC denim can become beautiful, but I expected more from $145 jeans (vs the $35 Levis I wore for years, that never gave me these problems). Onward and upward.

  • Alden x Context Roy Boot. Amazing boots. Only a fail because I screwed up the sizing after waiting 6 months for them to arrive (after I had my Roys for a few weeks I took a trip to an Alden shop and learned my proper size in Barrie last, which is not the size of my Roys). Coming soon to B&S.

  • Various OCBD's. Stock OCBD sizes in most brands just don't fit me that well. This has been an expensive (and ongoing) lesson.

2009 Update

Well, I didn't have much in 2009. Definitely my best purchase in 2009 was a TOJ bomber, which is wearing in beautifully.
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Didn't cop much this year but here is the cryptic version for now, Best a special knit - one of my top fives I must say special bomber jacket (will show pic later) cdw down jacket - perfect fit, color, etc for all the time duty faliero stole - my favorite stole/scarf Worst jil color block in my sig - didn't fit so I have to sell ervell fair isle - didn't fit how I wanted so I had to sell it (think I got this in late 2009 but whatever) Still love my cops from last year, though haven't worn them out yet since I have too much clothes http://www.styleforum.net/showpost.p...62&postcount=2 I don't make many copping mistakes so it's usually a sizing or fit issue if something doesn't work out.
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That Jil colorblock is pretty gangsta ish.
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Best: I dunno, some Lanvin sneakers, white t-shirts, and some jeans Worst: Everything else, this year was terrible, a write-off Scrap the whole thing, and start over almost entirely next year, I think.
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Best: ($700) - I love this jacket. believe the hype. ($320) - replacement for my old APC sunglasses that I loved and lost in the ocean, drunk - these ended up being way better ($220) - tough, badass backpack that fits everything I need it too, perfectly Hon Mentions: Barbour x Tokito Bicycle Jacket ($680) - a bit pricey but the perfect rain jacket Tricker Acorn Bourton ($370) - great shoes but I've beat them up a bit more than I'd have liked to Common Projects Gray Mids ($178) - really happy with these, but had another pair of CPs Worst: ($280) - thought it was waxed, kinda weird fit / big collar ($130) - fits like crap ($230) - this is actually the 15inch model I have, and it's a bit big and doesn't pad the laptop as much as I'd like. I guess it was a bad purchase on my part APC brown Suede Brogues ($200) - too small, bad quality
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Best MMM GATs - simple, versatile MMM combat boots - but theyre too big, for sale in my sig TOJ DR - love it, but i wish i went with washed lamb instead of unwashed. ill probably end up wearing it every time it rains, or soaking it south willard x CDW 60/40 down shirt jacket - i wear this a lot gitman x inventory dark blue OCBD - the fit is a million times better than standard gitman shirts. fits me like bespoke. my favorite shirt. Worst spurr jeans - fit like ass. sent those fuckers back to gilt rugby sport jacket - huge jump between sizes, neither size i ordered fit some other wack shit i dont have anymore and dont remember I dont even think I have any purchases from '09 left in my closet. Maybe some Gitman OCBDs or Alden longwings, but I think I returned/sold/donated everything else and started over. gonna try to step things up in 2011.
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Best: Thom Browne chukkas - Picked up from spoo a while ago. Nicest pair of boots I've owned and got them for a steal. My grandkids'll get these. Wings + Horns fleece blazer - comfortable but better lookin' than a hoody. Again, got for quite cheap and it's awesome. Saint James boatneck longsleeve. Started out pretty rough, then it softened up after I fell in after a hard tack. Got picked up and after it washed/dried it was awesome. Nudie - slim jim broken twill. first raw denim and are basically a second skin. awesome fades (not much to compare to, granted but I'm very happy with them) Naked/Famous OCBD - great shirts. Fit better than my BoOs. Worst: Dries boots. Grabbed them for a good price, fit alright, realized they weren't wearable and ebayed them for half of what I paid. major blunder. j.press collab blazer - still has the tags. bringing it back within the week. I've got a brooks brothers boy's size 20 blazer that fits me so much better, plus it's been slimmed and looks Browne-esque.
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Buzz Rickson A-2 leather flight jacket - so dope, fit is spot on

APC X CDW down vest - Bought this a couple weeks ago during APC F/W sale, the orange inner lining really sets it off

Quoddy deck chukkas - quality control fail
K-Way rain jacket - fits like a trash bag
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Prada Sunglasses
Lanvin for H&M sweatpants
Billy Reid plaid wool blazer
Uniqlo lambswool cardigan and shirts(cord,flanel)
J.Crew chambray shirt and military watch

some items from H&M sale
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I can count on my hands the number of things I bought this year, but here's some: Best: MMM german army trainers in white patent, from the corner sale: white patent leather GAT's made my throw up in my mouth a little just at the thought initially, but they dropped the price of these to $225 or something, and I pulled the trigger; turns out the white patent is not too bad, and super easy to clean and take care of as well. My daily sneakers almost as soon as I got them. SNS Herning (can't remember the model name, gdl told me but I've forgotten) - it's heavy, it's slim fitting but long, it's as nice as people say SNS are. In a world devoid of well-priced epicurian knits, this is like the girl you've known about all along but just never really noticed how sexy she is because of the lack of decent fit pics and information. Worst: Stephan Schneider toggle coat I bought off supermarket: This lands in worst because of a few reasons; first, I think the seller misrepresented the condition a bit, and it either needs a cleaning that will deteriorate the color and seam effect because it's a garment dyed cotton piece, or it's just really that worn out and grimy. My only recourse may be to dip dye it navy or black for it to regain any niceness. It may just be old, and like I said, seller's misrepresentation. I think he said it was 8/10 or 'very good' and I'd give it more like a 5/10 secondly, this was my first SS piece and I didn't pay much for it, because I didn't know my size and can't deal with returns and stuff where I live, but with the amount of hype SS gets on styleforum, you'd think that the quality would be amazing and all - I am not that impressed, tbh. It has some great proportions, and has a couple interesting construction details in the lining, but honestly, the materials are junk - it's a weedy looking canvas that I'd allocate to complimentary tote bag making if I were using it for TOJ, like $1 a yard at most, and the toggles seem to be horn but are plastic-y and not the level of hand polished horn that I'm used to seeing. Those things aren't too expensive piece by piece, so I'm a little disappointed there overall. I look at this SS coat and think, 'man, he has like $15 of materials in this thing, max' which is very different from what you can expect from Japanese mid-market brands, etc. The construction quality, like I said, there's an interesting quilt stitch in the lining, but it's not groundbreaking and the level overall, material quality plus construction quality, is more like Ann D or Dries from pre-2007, kinda cheap. All that said, it does fit me quite well in size 4, and I know well enough now that one item doesn't speak for other SS items
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Best: Sugar Cane Second Best: Locs
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TOJ FW10 bomber (brown calf)
Two great shawl collar cardigans (one Our Legacy, the other Epaulet)
Alden x Epaulet wingtip ravello boots
Gant x Michael Bastian chesterfield

Originally Posted by APK View Post

[*]Wolf vs. Goat Chinos: Sorry, dudes, these things sucked.

Correct. That's why I returned mine.
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Best: 5EP straight zips Spurr toggle coat MMM 5 zip Worst: Barneys chukka boot - nice suede but just too big on me Jcrew seersucker sportcoat - shoulders are horrible. Passable i guess as a seasonal piece.
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