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I guess it mostly matters whether he wants to own a good tuxedo, cares at all about how good it is for this event, etc.
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I had good luck at Jos. Bank in Manhattan when looking for a cumerbun / bow tie set; seemed to have a broad array of decent stuff. But, as above, I think the tailoring's going to be the real push on this. I have two tuxes in the closet for those rare black tie events, along with three shirts that take studs. That and a quality navy suits ought to be the first purchase of every grown-up man. (with a nice pair of Grensons, too!)
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Originally Posted by Charley
One source of a peak lapel jacket is Joey Bank - probably under $600.
Not real quality, but better than a lot of other "quick" sources. And they are likely to get it fitted for him.

The real problem is that tailoring for a really good fit would be about a week at most any source. Which is the niche of the rental tuxedo market.

Granted mine is a notch jacket, but it was at Joe B's for under $150, cost me almost as much to have the damn thing tailored. If all that matters is shortening arms and legs, then it shouldn't take long. If pants/coat need to be slimmed too, good luck!
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Thanks for all the replies. I'll mention to him SYMS, K&G, Filenes and Jos A Banks. I don't think he's too concerned about quality, just as long as it's nicer than a rental. I agree, getting it altered seems to be the problem. Hopefully he can find something at the stores mentioned. Thanks again for all your help!
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