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New York City, 19 Dec 2006!

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whew! things have been interesting here in iraq and kuwait, to say the least. I've been fortunate to have been tax exempt for a little while, and purchased a few new sartorial items, to open up when I return to the good 'ol US of A.

I'm planning to be in New York City, staying close to central park this winter. As it works out, I will be arriving the evening of 19 December, and won't see my sig other until she arrives the next day. I was hoping I could get some good recommendations on things to do, or maybe even arrange a drink or good cigar with a forum member or two.

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Love to meet you Russ...count me in.

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that makes two of us. Andrew's paying.
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Glad to hear your ok Russ. Stay safe and don't blow all that tax free money on Brioni sportcoats!
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Go to the Metropolitan Museum of Art!
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Brandy Library? Quite a ways from Central Park but I've always wanted to try this place. I believe they have a cigar smoking area.
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You must try the Pegu Club. Audrey's a great friend and her bar is amazing. PM if interested.
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Damn, it would've been fun to join you guys. I'll have to wait 'til next March to see all the New Yorkers again. :P
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Hope to be able to sneak away and travel up to NYC to meet you
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wow, thanks for all the responses! I think I could meet up any time on the 19th after about 8PM (gotta get situated, and at least buy a sweater or something to go out-- I'm travelling very light, coming from Iraq!!).

the wife arrives the next morning, gotta get her at the airport (damnit, she took too early a flight on the 20th for me to have enough fun on the 19th!)

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can play too?
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