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I just bought a shirt that was marked 16 1/2 for the neck size (obviously my size). However, when I wore it today, it was obviously 1/2 - 1inch too big. Does anyone know if a tailor can take in the neck? Should I just have him move the button or does it take the entire shirt to be recut? Please help, I hate to waste the money on such a nice shirt.
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I'd probably return the shirt. The most a tailor could do is move the button 1/4" and that would only help if there is a gap at the top of the collar, otherwise it would look strange. Have you laundered the shirt yet and has it shrunk at all or do you think it still might shrink? j SF admin
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Generally, it's a good idea to try a shirt on before you buy it. Size measurements are not standard, and a 16.5 for one label is not the same in another. If they won't let you try on the specific shirt you want (e.g. it's in a package, etc), they should have "sample" shirts. Even if the shirt is a different model, the sizes should match up.
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There is no way to reduce the neck size for 1/2 - 1 inch as the collar is already fix in their size. The only way you could do is to change the collar altogether. But this is for a custom made shirt which you can ask your tailor to replace but if you buy off the shelve then I think you could go back to the store and have the shirt replace.
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hmmm....what brand of shirt are we talking about? I've read that some manufacturers make the collars a half size larger to allow for shrinkage over the first 3 washings.
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The Foxx is correct. All cotton shirts shrink. Most makers, CM and RM allow about 1/2" in the collar and 1/2-3/4" in the sleeve. Always make sure there is a little room in the collar when you try it on. It is always a good idea to have a new shirt laundered before wearing. It will cause the collar to shrink and remove any of the residual chemicals used in the finishing of the fabric.
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It will cause the collar to shrink and remove any of the residual chemicals used in the finishing of the fabric.
Are these chemicals what cause the fabric to look "shiny" after being ironed upon completion of the sewing?
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sorry been sold a bad one www.savile-row.com
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