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Originally Posted by Huntsman
Uh, you don't. And unless the employee is really sharp and asks you detailed questions about your taste, they probably won't be of help. German wines: 1) The important thing is to pick a good shipper -- the names mentioned here are all winners. 2) you need to decide on the style -- German wines from the different regions have different styles. Those from, say, the Mosel are lighter, those from the Rheinpflaltz or Rheinhesssen will be more full-bodied. 3) Wines labeled with the following words have some guarantee of being decent (though not necessarily to your taste). In ascending order from driest to sweetest: Kabinett, Spatlese, Auslese, Beerenauslese, Trockenbeerenauslese. The Kabs are pretty dry, and the Spats and some Ausleses are as sweet as you'll want for most food. The Beers and the Tbas are in the dessert category. French Reislings (Alsace and the Loire): Again, good bottler is key. There is no sweetness 'meter' if you will, and the French ones will typically be dry. Good, available names are Trimbach and Hugel. There are others which escape me. American: Just buy an Eroica. Otherwise, get a reccomendation. Regards, Huntsman
I tend to prefer the taste of a Riesling (and thus distinguish quality) over another white because of this: a lack of dryness.
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A further recommendation for Dr Loosen.
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Look for German or Austrian Rieslings with the word "trocken" on the label. These are dry rieslings with higher acidity, which means better pairing with food. New World Rieslings will have the word "Dry" on the label on on the back.

Substantially all of the Rieslings we serve are in the dry style, due to their excellent pairing with our food.

Look for Keller Riesling from Rheinhessen, Germany, Schloss Gobelsburg Riesling, Langelois, Austria or Longview Vineyard "Iron Knob" Dry Reisling from Adelaide Hills, Australia. All are in the $15-$17 retail range.

Better yet, stop on by and I'll open them for you.
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I guess that these are hardly available in the states, but in case they are you should try them: Mueller-Catoir ( and Bergdold ( Both offer Rieslings at an outstanding quality to price ratio.
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I'm fairly sure the Eroica is some joint venture with Dr. Loosen (another vote for such too)
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Some good response above. I would only add two: Trimbach Clos-St.-Hune is very great albeit pricey. Also Aussie rieslings - Australia's best riesling is, arguably, the Grosset Polish Hill Riesling (US$30). Vintages from 1996-2006 are all consistent. The Watervale is also excellent from Grosset. Best rieslings from Australia come from Clare and eden valleys. Great vintages recently are 2002 and 2005.
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Gewürztraminer Tribach is good and very reasonble
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There is no riesling in Loire.
If you are looking for something a little more rich, I would look at Marc Tempé or Barmès-Bucher. Just avoid the 2003 vintage. Zind-Humbrecht produces the finest wines in alsace, but they are quite pricey.

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Any suggestions that are sweeter? Tried most of these, liked Loosen, Hogue.. kinda out on Eroica, <thinks> ..
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Ok, in that case, get a German labeled 'Auslese.' If you don't like the Auslese, Riesling probably isn't your bag. You would probably enjoy a Beerenauslese as well, but it's apple-juice sweet so it's not really in the game for accompanying a meal. But since I can better see where your taste runs, I'd highly suggest Fetzer's 'Echo Ridge' Gewurtztraminer. It is not a riesling, but I'll bet you'll like it more (it is as sweet as anything I'd ever consider for food- great with turkey &c on Thanksgiving). Plus, for nine bucks, how can you go wrong in experiencing it? If you like that, try their Johannisberg Riesling as well. Regards, Huntsman ps. I see you're in Fairfax -- ever eat at La Tierre Bouchon on Chain Bridge Road or something similar? I really enjoyed that place when I last had the opportunity of eating there.
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