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Polarized sunglasses is the way to go as they have the anti-reflective lenses. I've owned Chrome Hearts, Oliver People, Prada, Persol, and Maui Jim. For frames, I love Chrome Hearts and Oliver Peoples. But, the best lenses are Maui Jim. I wish they could make some of their frames better, but the lenses are best quality...in my opinion.
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Originally Posted by pinchi22 View Post
Another vote for Revos. Mine are pre-Luxotica buyout though, so I can´t say whether their quality has held up.

I've been wearing Revos for 20 years and I have not noticed any negative change in lens quality since being purchased by Luxotica.
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I have a pair of Maui Jims, which are pretty good and I just tried a pair of Reptiles (thin, no frame, Titanium type), and to my surprise, I found Reptiles clearer. I think I'll keep them.
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I have three pair of Oliver Peoples all with transition lenses. The majority are absolutely correct when they say that Maui Jim optics are second to none though. I have coveted an Oliver Peoples polarized pair for a long time but in my opinion, they still don't compare to the MJs. I am a big guy too and the MJ and OP frames fit much better on me too.
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i used to think oliver poeples were awesomes till i bought a pair of mykitas
now I never put the oliver peoples on, the mykitas are just so much m ore comfortable and lighter and better made...
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You should also consider Mosley Tribes, made by Oliver Peoples. They're just as nice, but a little more on the sporty side.

I have several of each brand and have been happy with them. Many of the models are polarized and they have great customer service.

I had a pair start to deteriorate on the nose bridge a year and a half after purchase. Mosley/Oliver's customer service took my call directly, gave me an RMA and said they'd try to repair it (I didn't even have a reciept!). They evidently weren't able to repair them - so they sent me a new pair and discount on buying another.

I've never had that level of personal service from Oakley (even on my "racing jackets") or Ray ban.

Here's a link for MT:

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Oliver Peoples isnt the same anymore. The quality isnt all that great now. Its owned by Oakley. So therefore Mosley Tribes arent really made by Oliver Peoples but rather Oakley. And so are Oliver Peoples...
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I picked up a pair of Oliver Peoples - Specialist shades tonight. I was extremely impressed by the quality. But I will admit, I'm not sure if there are pre-Oakley or post.

First quality sunglasses purchase in a couple years. Love them.
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