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Hi, I live in Australia, and we do not have Express here.

I've heard it mentioned on U.S. boards, though. A relative is in Hong Kong at the moment and knows someone that works in the factory that makes Express stuff.

Is it worth getting her to bring some of these clothes back for me?
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Originally Posted by broady
Is it worth getting her to bring some of these clothes back for me?

No. Express is basically watered down Banana Republic.
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Express=crap. It is not worth it at all. I received a pair of jeans fromt here a year or 2 ago and thet were utter garbage. Stay Away!!!!
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Dude, its ok, if you are getting Express stuff at true "factory" prices out of HK, then its probably worth picking up some basics. T-shirts, trousers, couple of slim v-necks, etc...

While not top quality, they are not gaudy or total crap quality. If your discount is strong, then get some stuff

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My discount is free! I was more looking at whether I should get my rellie to get me Express, or some other stuff off the HK streets.. :-)
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Free is always good.

I'll PM you with an address that your realive can drop somethings at in Hong Kong for me to!!

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Express isn't the highest quality but for free, I'd pick up some polos, Ts, trousers, and maybe a few solid color shirts in interesting colors. I have some basic stuff from express, and like some of their graphic Ts and a jacket, but alot of their stuff is garbage. Their polos were quite nice before they started putting a huge fucking lion on them.
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Well, free....they do have nice "MX" shirts that are good workshorse/beater/layering shirts in slim fits and attractive colors. Plus they are 1/2% elastane and they almost never need to be ironed and usually fall pretty smoothly.

Of course, in Hong Kong there's a limitless spectrum of bootleg clothing options, so...
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I like the MX shirts too, as a regular shirt or good for layering. If the cost is low enough (or free!), I would certainly pick some up. And if you need any graphic t's and such, not a bad selection. Let me know if your great relative is interested in shipping off a package to the US! -fn
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hey have socks in some decent colouras and patterns. Worth it on sale, otherwise pass. Oh and their slimmer trousers work well (again on sale) for clubs bars and the like - any situation where you would want to commit murder if someone were to spill a bloody mary on your Incotex
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well i really like express. their clothes are nice and cheap; however, their jeans SUCK. i have one pair which is a slim fit and i swear i could fit 3 of me in them.(it was a gift but it was my size)

i would pick up anything but jeans if i were you, but thats just me.
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Eh? Their jeans are probably the only ones that actually fit me that I can get at a good discount when sales abound.
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I don't like Express. If I could get it for free, that makes a difference, but it's not great.
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There's precious little I'd want from Express, even for free, but there are occasional pieces that come out ok. I have a couple of decent hoodies.
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Alright, aparrently my rellie only gets what is given to her, so I've asked her to get me some solid tees and polos, and a hoodie! Sorry, I can't get more stuff to send to the masses, I think these are sample items from the factory, rather than production pieces. Thanks for the feedback!
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