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Bolshoi nutcracker streamed to a theater near you.

For those of you who missed Colbert in tights.
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Continuing this from SF thread.
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I saw the SF ballet last night. Their Romeo and Juliette was the 4th version I have seen in the past year and is better than I could have hoped. Didn't even have to wait in line. Tickets were expensive - similar or even more than in NYC.
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Was it up to the superb standards of the Boston Ballet?
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I have never seen the entire company, only Misa Kuranaga. The Tomasson staging is quite lavish, rivaling ABT's Macmillan production. NYCBs staging by Martins is too minimalist for my taste.
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Boston just did the Cranko, which is my favorite version though I missed Boston's production. I'm not a fran of Helgi's stagings or choreography in general, but his R&J is said to be one of his better efforts. Who did you see dance it? For me, Maria Kochetkova can make almost anything look good.
And this is kind of heretical, but I've never really liked the Macmillan version. The Martins version was embarrassing,and should never, ever see the light of day again.

Yuan Yuan Tan danced a very graceful Juliette. She was good and very expressive but, of course, lacked the pyrotechnics of a younger dancer. Although no single dancer was superstar exceptional, the company as a whole was very cohesive and well put together.

I have never seen the Cranko staging. I saw the Ashton version this past summer with Osipova and Vasiliev. The casting doesn't get much better than that, but the staging too was too minimalist for Romeo and Juliette which I think is better served with a bigger cast and a lavish set.

I saw the Martins version with Tiler Peck though I was hoping to see Hyltin and Fairchild. Chase Finlay mentioned he was supposed to dance Romeo this past season but had been out on an injury.

I think the best part of the Macmillan staging are the lifts in the end. There is insufficient dancing in the rest of the Macmillan version.
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I think you would like the Cranko --- it is definitely lavish in set and costume design. The whole thing just works as it has a kind of conceptual unity you don't find in any other production. The Macmillan by comparison is episodic and a bit chunky in its flow.

Speaking of Macmillan's fancy lifts, I'm thinking of the last pas in Manon:
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resurrecting this thread cuz i saw a few dope videos recently

battle of the titans. also the battle of the aging vs up and come

such creative routines and so much control. they're all poppers i've been admiring for several years and it's pretty awesome to see them all battle against each other. it would be like eating at a iron chef battle between thomas keller, michel bras, robuchon, passard vs redzepi, ferran adria, and grant achatz

i also really like how kite (headband) and kei (teal hat) had a routine together and madoka (black doorag) and guchon (black hat) had one together. kei and guchon have been partners together for a long time (they call themselves co-thkoo) and madoka and kite have been crewmates for a long time (former action)

this one is two stalwarts from korea vs two up and comers from korea. the girl i've never seen before and she is honestly some of the best i've ever seen. sooo good
this one is an upper body hitting tutorial by hojin. it's in korean, but it's pretty easy to tell what he wants you to do. super inspiring. made me practice fundamentals and actually enjoy it
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Saw this at Fall for Dance. Haven't found the whole piece on the web. Circa is like Cirque du Soleil.

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Do any of you guys remember domindart? He was an awesome dancer.
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Originally Posted by poorsod View Post

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Thanks for posting that. They are truly the next generation of ballet dancers in terms of technique, and you're lucky to get to see them in NYC on a semi-regular basis. I saw them a couple of years ago dancing Don Q with the Bolshoi, and it was pretty mind-blowing. That said, I hope their artistic sides will catch up to their technical abilities soon. Outside of the virtuosic roles, they haven't had much to say when I've seen them.
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I put in for tickets to see them dance Don Q this season and also for the new Ratmansky. I see that ABT is doing Le Corsaire in LA in July but casting hasn't been announced. The way I read the casting, I think Vasiliev is dancing Conrad in Le Corsaire but I think he would be best as Ali. I heard that Vasiliev is best as Spartacus and I believe that his raw quality lends to that role. Sadly, I missed the Bolshoi's Spartacus in DC several years ago.
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Two interesting items:

The Cubans doing Don Q, and while the ballerina is very good (check out her balance at the end of the adage around 4:28), it's Osiel's dancing of Basilio's variation (6:05) and coda (9:33) that takes this old warhorse to the next level. We toss around "sprezzatura" a lot here, but this is true sprezzatura:

This second video is a pretty much complete recording of William Forsythe's In the middle, somewhat elevated, danced by the Mariinsky, with the lead role danced by Ekaterina Kondaurova, the next big star of the Mariinsky. While you could quibble about the dancing style of the Mariinsky in Forsythe (it's fine the couple of times I saw them live), there is no doubt about Kondaurova, or Big Red as some balletomanes like to call her.

She's the tall redhead in the turtleneck, sleeveless leotard. For example, see her in a vicious dancing of the famous pas (22:38).

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