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The only anime I watch is Naruto. I find the rest very boring...
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Originally Posted by Brian SD View Post
Any of you seen Monster? I rarely get into any animes (those I can tolerate I really enjoy, those I can't tolerate I absolutely hate) but this one is truly excellent. The Anime Keep sub is apparently the best one. I believe its still available through torrents.

My favorites:
Hajime no Ippo
Cowboy Bebop

I read the comics; it is pretty good and the ending is killer. I like a few animes but mostly enjoy reading comics, especially those aimed at teenage girls with plenty of love octagons, schoolgirl crushes and bitchy rivals. I don't read/watch much anime at a time but have seen plenty over a period of more than 10 yrs.

Some comics I like (a lot of them also have an anime version):
-Vagabond (Not sure about the original name. Inoue is a great artist and Slam Dunk was also hilarious)
-Blade of the immortal (I think that's the english title..)
-Nana (and the other works by that other, there's one about fashion that's pretty good)
-Hana Yori dango
-Maison Ikkoku
-Ranma 1/2
-Marmalade boy
-Kimagure orange road
-Angel sanctuary
-Please save my earth
-The one about the girl in the boy's school, name escapes me
-Asatte dance
-X (I'm just fascinated by the depersonalization of one of the characters, hence my nick. Rest of the thing is so so)
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All time fave is Samurai Champloo. Then Bebop and Trigun.

I'm watching death note right now... It's pretty interesting, and i think its
worth the watch.

On a different note, i find anime like naruto, boring and redundant.
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I don't have a huge exposure to anime, but the ones I've liked include: Both Ghost in the Shell films Grave of the Fireflies Howl's Moving Castle Paprika Cowboy Bebop Millennium Actress Akira
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Originally Posted by Fuuma View Post
Maison Ikkoku

I finished reading this recently - the final volume was released over here just a month or so ago. I really enjoyed it and have been trying (and failing) to get my friends into it. Am thinking of picking up the TV series on DVD, but it's long and it's not cheap.

Other manga which I've finished reading recently are Iron Wok Jan (great fun, but long) and Love Hina (which poos on the anime from a great height).

Anime-wise, was disappointed with Samurai Champloo, thought The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya was fantastic, and currently watching Azumanga Daioh.
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I don't watch any modern anime but I used to be hooked on older stuff

some of my faves from years before
-Urusei Yatsura (esp the OVDs)
-Ranma ½
-Project A-ko
-Vampire Princess Miyu
-AD Tank Police
-LA Blue Girl
-Robotech series
-Ninja Scroll
-Wicked City
-Kimagure Orange Road
-Bubblegum Crisis
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I'm not big on a lot of anime series (though I've seen plenty of Naruto on Adult Swim while somewhat drunk in hotel rooms), but Voices of a Distant Star is one of the best films I've seen, period. Very moving. Also like Akira. I remember watching Serial Experiments Lain in middle school, I think, and it blew my mind. I'm sure it wouldn't have the same impact now.

How about recommending some anime for a film snob that's pretty skeptical about most animu?
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Anyone enjoy Heavy Metal, Wizards, or Fantastic Planet after some herb? Ah the college life. For anime, I liked Perfect Blue. Different from most anime, trippy. Miyazaki is great of course.
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Originally Posted by jonglover View Post
How about recommending some anime for a film snob that's pretty skeptical about most animu?

At this point, if it hasn't already been brought to your attention, you need to dig in with the following two directors.

Hayao Miyazaki
Spirited Away
Princess Mononoke
Howl's Moving Castle

Satoshi Kon
Millenium Actress, Perfect Blue, Paprika, Tokyo Godfathers, Paranoia Agent

I don't think you can be a "serious film snob" without giving Anime a fair shake. A lot of it, like "regular' live action movies - is crap. Some of it is transcendent. It is up to you, as a connoisseur, to sift through the chaff to find the wheat, as it were. Writing off Anime as a wholesale waste of time would be as shortsighted as writing off musicals, for example.

Though I am not such a huge fan of musicals myself, there would be no Singing In The Rain, The Wizard Of Oz, The Sound Of Music, Duck Soup, The Blues Brothers, Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory, West Side Story, or Grease.

Imagine if your preconceived notions of that genre were limited to Xanadu, From Justin To Kelly, and Cool As Ice.
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not an anime fan, but Sailor Moon was one of my childhood crushes.
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I remember LA blue girl. That shit was scandalous. Oh those poor girls, they didn't stand a chance against those plant monsters.
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Originally Posted by Tokyo Slim View Post
Hayao Miyazaki
Spirited Away
Princess Mononoke
Howl's Moving Castle

While I liked all of these, I found the endings a bit rushed and wished he'd taken more time over them.

My favourite Miyazaki films are Laputa - Castle in the Sky and My Neighbour Totoro.
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I just finished Elfen Lied which was pretty entertaining. If you have a Blu-ray player, check out Tekkonkinkreet - it was good if a bit convoluted at times. Worth a view on DVD as well, but you go high def where you can. I'll check out Monster too. In queue: Paprika Last Exile (never saw it) Rah Xephon (never finished it) Pretty much anything Miyazaki has ever done is gold though I'm partial to Mononoke. The art direction is so whimsical; it manages to draw you into the world unlike most other films, much less animated films, I've seen. I would suggest all of Slim's picks first, with Totoro and Castle following.
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Kronik, do you have imaginatory sex with your Anime like the Geek?
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No sir, no I do not.
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