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Winter Jackets

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I'm tired of wearing the same Columbia jacket every year, so I'm looking for a new jacket.
It doesn't matter what material as long as its not leather.

I'm looking for jackets that go well with blue jeans or khaki pants.
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pea coat
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In my opinion, Faconnable makes some great looking fall/winter jackets in the light/medium weight range which look good with Kakis or jeans...kind of business casual.

Here is an example of one of their light jackets:

Following are a few comments which I find pertinent to Faconnable jackets:

1. I think that it's probably worth it to shop around, because while nice... their clothing is somewhat expensive at full price. (look for big sales at saks or neiman's near the end of the season.)
2. They have a great fit, good craftsmanship, and great dyes, etc.
3. For winter, I enjoy their jackets that are kind of an ultramarine blue color.


My recomendation for a hard working winter jacket, a Carhartt. Plain and simple. Black, Kaki, olive green. I have this model, pretty nice.

Lot's of people who work on ranches, these jackets.

- Happy holidays.

- Happy Holidays.
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Pea coat. I found the Polo one to be the nicest fitting (for under $500) but the buttons are sewn on for shit. Also, Spiewak (maker of original pea coat I think) has some decent casual styles and you can find them on Zappos.
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pea coat

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If you can find it, get the Filippa K storm jacket in black. I always get complimented on it, plus it's waterproof. If you're an L/XL, thekunk07 is selling one:

Not sure if he still has it though.
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Peacoat is not necessary warm.

Why dont you try down parkas out? There is plenty of choice for different budgets. May be a Canadian Goose? A while ago there was an excellent Cucinelli down jacket. I myself own a RL down parka. Could be happy more.
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+1 for the Pea Coat. Got my navy one two years ago and it's still going great! You should also check out a quilted jacket. I think they're great. Anything a bit dressier will be a massive improvement over the Columbia
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