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Originally Posted by Pezzaturra View Post
Picasso is a tourist-trap-dump with 26 y.o. sommelier who doesn't know what he is talking about. Not to mention mediocre cooking. You are a typical Amerikan with a burger pallet who looks at big names and Michelin stars to help him form his opinions.
Anyone can talk about food (we are all specialists, aren't we) however your comments lead me to believe that your pallet is so untrained that you would be equally happy at Fat burger and at Crillon.
I envy you in a way . Ignorance is a bliss.

Glad for the necro-bump of this thread. I recently met the somm at Picasso's. Guy is a master somm, very friendly and knowledgeable and gave us great service. In fact, he overheard our conversation which included I had just passed the intro somm course and started a friendly banter of dropping a quiz question everytime he'd walk by our table. The food was also outstanding as was the service. The service was that perfect level of attentiveness and friendly vs. that smarmy over the top stuff you sometimes see when places are tying too hard. I'll be back at Julian's the next time I'm in Vegas.
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^^Ha. Agreed Piob. I've eaten at Picasso's a couple of times over the years and have always found the service to be fantastic and highly professional. Wouldn't recognize anything like Pezz's description of the place from my experience there.

Did you have the Steak of Fois while you were there (I know it's your favorite). It was amazing and almost too much to eat.

Would definitely go again.

Bouchon was wonderful as well.
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Steak of foie =

Yes, everyone in my party (including me believe it or not!) agreed that it was the biggest hunk of perfectly seared "A" foie they've ever had on a plate.
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Originally Posted by pscolari View Post
I'll be in LV starting on Thursday afternoon and was hoping to grab breakfast there Friday morning. Any idea what a normal wait is? I hope to head over at 8.

Never experienced more than 5 minute wait for breakfast.
I wouldn't expect any wait at 8.
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I'm on a flight to Vegas right now. I have a table for two of my three nights there. China Poblano tonight and Shibuya tomorrow night. I'm running out of places to try, i've eaten at almost every place mentioned within this thread already. China Poblano is going to be weird but it's super hyped and is the only "best new restaurant" in Vegas nominee for this year's James Beard award.
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Consider Blue Ribbon or Sage
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Ate at Blue Ribbon a few weeks ago and thought the sushi was mediocre given the price.
The fried chicken and oxtail fried rice were pretty good though.

I've always enjoyed Sage.

Try getting a table a e' inside Jaleo if you're into that molecular gastronomy BS.
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Yeah.. I've only eaten at Blue Ribbon Brasserie in NY - I know they have both the sushi and brasserie menus at LV. SHould have specified.
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staying at the venetian this weekend. might eat at bouchon (been there a lot of times)...but how are the seafood towers? also on "the best things I've ever eaten" on the food network, they have the quiche that one of the girls liked a lot....anyone try one in vegas (they were at bouchon bakery i think in NYC though)
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Fresh, and you get a decent amount for your money, but you will fill up on something you could get at the RIO buffet when there are much more interesting things on the menu (YMMV). I'd say good for a big group where you just eat a little of each thing... I usually just get the Oysters. Don't really need the Shrimp , lobster, crab, etc.
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cool. i'm really only a fan of crab and oysters anyways. we were thinking of one last time....we'll see.
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I had a sweetbreads dish at Bouchon LV that was unbelievable (and I'm not generally much of an offal guy). Forget the name of it and it was on their chalkboard menu so they might not have it every day. That said, if you see it, you should get it.
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I would but organ meats kind of trigger my gout since they're so high in uric acid.
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Ate at China Poblano, it was no good. Food was like soul-less Mexican and Chinese in a diner like setting. No idea why they're on the James Beard list this year. The "Secret Pizza" place in the Cosmo was better than China Poblano.
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