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Thom Browne question.

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I would like to know from people who own Thom Browne pieces or who have tried them on what the sizes correspond to. I wear a 40 R/L suit with a 42" chest (dear god its me Margaret) and cannot make it to a place that carries his pieces to find out for myself. I understand the polarity concerning TB and assure you I have no intention of trolling. Any help would be kindly appreciated.

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A 40R is usually just about right for me, though it can be too short. I tried on a 40R Thom Browne which fit me perfectly on the torso (I mean, this thing was awesome through the body, fucking mod as hell) but the sleeves and bottom were just too damn short. Not just "ooh, he's showing quite a bit of cuff" short but "I'M WEARING THOM BROWNE" short. So, I tried on a 42R, which had the right length, but the chest/waist fit like an Oxxford, which defeats the whole purpose of the thing.

Depending on how far on the L side of the R/L divide you are, you may experience the same or worse. I don't know how much there is to be let out, but unless there's a lot, then you're going to have a very, very short jacket.
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1 = 36, 2 = 38, 3 = 40, 4 = 42 if I remember correctly. This is what you were asking, right?
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My size 2 suit translates to a 38, or a really tight fitting 40
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I had the same experience. The jacket fit great, but was way too short!
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