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This thread makes me regret my distaste for visiting touristy places/taking photos.
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St Bernard Pass


Lake Geneva

South of Siena





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^^ very nice, would you mind telling where they were taken ? not the obvious ones of course. The beach one is Seychelles ?
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That is so fucking gorgeous, Thailand has some beautiful beaches but nothing as picturesque at that Seychelles beach. It's like out of Far Cry.
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^ Location, please? Sweet picture!
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That is the Monastery at Petra, Jordan and this is the Treasury the siq which leads to the Treasury
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Ghent, Belgium

TGI Kind of
Moscow, Russia

Milan, Italy

Lake Como, Italy

Pripyat, Ukraine

Pripyat, Ukraine

Rome, Italy

London, UK

St Petersburg, Russia

Samara, Russia

The take it and get the fuck out store.
Eindhoven, Netherlands

Worst playground.
Lublin, Poland

Paris, France

Krakow, Poland



Paris Hilton

Tel Aviv / Jaffa

Tel Aviv - Your sign is broken.

Jaffa, Israel

Jerusalem, Israel

Bristol, UK

Linz, Austria

Vienna, Austria

Vienna, Austria
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Ton Sai Beach by npmeijer, on Flickr

Rajadamnern Stadium by npmeijer, on Flickr

Red Dragonfly by npmeijer, on Flickr

Malaysian saplings by npmeijer, on Flickr

Communist Laos by npmeijer, on Flickr
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What restaurant is this? I have to say, one of the best meals of my life (actually been to PR 2x and both meal experiences were phenomenal) is at a place called Marmalade ( Wondering if its the same place.

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Puerto Rico

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Lugano Milan Cinque Terra (Vernazza), storm rolling in (you can just make out a lightening bolt in the clouds). Cinque Terra Florence Siena, iirc Somewhere in Tuscany Spent a couple euros getting 26 candles for my 25th birthday. Rome - Ghetto Kosher Rome Rome St. Peter's Basilica
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Manarola, Italy

Vernazza, Italy

Dachau, Germany (work will set you free)

The Residenz in Munich, Germany
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