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I'm contemplating buying some off their site.  I'm assuming they'll have the newer soles on them.  I'm hoping they don't have any issues.

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Why on earth would you buy Ecco shoes?
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Don't knock them until you have tried them. They are very very comfortable and last for years. Some of their newer designs are much better looking IMO.
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Don't bother with ECCO shoes. The soles on my first and only pair disintegrated after 3 months of occasional use.

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Originally Posted by Grenadier View Post

Why on earth would you buy Ecco shoes?
I've heard they were comfortable. I need something for standing on my feet all day. I've just been wearing tennis shoes normally. (Cross-trainers)
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Any quality leather-soled dress shoe that is the correct size will be just fine for standing all day.
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Originally Posted by foodguy View Post

Thought I'd update this after a couple of recent experiences. I've now had two pairs of Eccos soles disintegrate the way other posters have described. They were both pairs that I bought on EBay and fortunately both sellers refunded me (they fell apart within weeks of purchase). What I've discovered is that there was a period several years ago when the company experimented with a new rubber formulation for their injected soles. It took them a while to discover that these things fell apart. Unfortunately, it seems, that period coincided with the period during which they were releasing their nicest-looking shoes (more natural shapes, no visible branding). I believe that the new formulation has been successful ... at least my newer shoes are still going strong ... but buyer beware with those older shoes. nothing like looking behind you and seeing a trail of rubber crumbs.

Thanks for the update. Great info and I'm glad you were able to get money back (twice?!).

I love to see updates with real experiences and ongoing impressions like this on SF.
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I´ve worn various models of the casual Ecco shoes for the last 8 years and have had no problem with sole durability. They remain my go-to casual shoe: best mix of styling and minimally good foot support. The latter is very important for folks like me who want a lightweight, reasonably decent looking plimsol-like weekend beater shoe, but who have real foot problems (e.g., metatarsalgia) and need minimum real support that most beater shoes lack.

That said, I´d say that as their styling has improved in recent years (e.g, some newer models remind me of Common Projects), there has been a modest decline in the sole quality and support. Still, the best trade-off I´ve found.
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About 4 years ago, before I really stepped up my wardrobe, I bought two pair of ECCO shoes, one black and one brown for about $250 total on sale. In my job I do a lot of standing (I have a standup desk) and a fair bit of outdoor walking in all types of weather. I wore the above ECCOs every work day for 3 years straight. Not a strict rotation as they might pull a 2 or even 3 day stretch, but I would say they each got over 350 wearings in that stretch. A little over a year ago, I began buying leather soled shoes. First some testoni boots, then several pairs of AE including a pair of shell Park Avenues and several other models in calf, some Grenson brogues, some Loake suede derbies, some Maurizi oxfords, and some Meermin dub monks.

I still have my ECCOs. The soles are still going strong...in fact I would say the rubber sole actually wears better than any of the leather sole models I have. I took reasonable care of them and the uppers are still soft and supple and polish up nicely. They are easily the lightest and most comfortable dress shoes I own. They probably could go another 100 wearings before they go in the trash. But now I only wear them now on rainy days. There's nothing wrong with them but after having "nicer" shoes, I just find them ugly and uninspired. The shape of the last, the depth of color in the brown shoes, the sleekness of a leather sole, the history behind the manufacturing process all draw me to the "nicer" shoes. But honestly, I don't think any two pairs of my "nice" shoes would have held up any better than the ECCOs under the same conditions.

Having "nice" shoes is a luxury. I don't buy the argument that AEs, Alden's, or any other nice shoe is a better value than the ECCOs. They aren't. But they are more interesting. The only question is what's that worth to you?
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Former Ecco shoe owner here.  They were certainly more comfortable than any welted leather soled dress shoes I have ever had for walking any real distance, and indescructable.  I'd still have them if I had bought a pair that was even remotely aesthetically pleasing (black, apron toe is what i had gotten at the time)  This thread has made me consider going out a purchasing a pair or Ecco (or Rockport or Mephisto) for daily commute wear.  I regularly walk 30 minutes each way through Manhattan, in all weather, which is hell on good shoes and occasionally my feet.  I can leave a few pairs of good shoes in my office.  I refuse to wear sneakers as some do with a jacket and dress trousers. They are making a chukka that might fit the bill. 

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i just added to my ecco collection with the turn chukka. love them. they also have a dressier one called the Birmingham. I wear mostly jeans and khakis, so the more casual works better for me.
again, i'm not saying they are as beautiful as egs or aldens (even not seconds!). but for someone with chronic foot problems, they are a godsend.
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I just bought my first pair.  The Track 6 boot.  So far, they feel great.  I know it's a casual boot, but they're much more comfortable than some of the others I've owned.

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