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I wanna see some Synthese before fits.
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Fuji doesn't look like he had a style transformation as much as it looks like he started using hard drugs and discovered the wonder of Led Zeppelin and The Doors.
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For a newb, this is a great thread. Thanks.
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wow had never seen any of fuji's 'before' pics before. Looks terrible, very impressive improvement. Also looks very good at current size/weight, which acts as a bit of inspiration for me.
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Moo's gloves are still the fucking ugliest things ever. I don't care if it's nubian virgin leather, that shit is gross.
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lmao...great thread and commentary. "coked-out badass" and then panning to his (Fuji's)new'n'improved pic seriously made my morning...

hope to see some more additons to the thread if anyone can pull some from the vaults..
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Those head phones broke last week, bitch broke them. Only real difference is significant weight gain, had my hair cut, lost the glasses and stopped shaving everyday. Also I did start drinking more, smoking and did use fairly heavy drugs for a bit. I'll admit the second photo isn't that good, we had a cold spell so I had to wear snow boots and fuck loads of layers and it was right after I got back from the gym so my hair is fucked and im sweating. I also stopped caring about brand names so much, most of the stuff I've been buying is all saints, which is pretty bad quality, but it looks good. Before I used to spend all my money on badly fitting dior. Probably a good thing no one found the photos of me when I posted in MC.....
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Originally Posted by bows1 View Post

hot stuff
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Originally Posted by jet View Post
The kelv transformation should read "and then he met jet doggy dogg"
I thought one of these was a reference to you: "he came across R2-D2, who played a recorded message from some princess which said she needed the help of a futuristic Jedi grandpa."
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really good thread
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lol, that hoody is atrocious...btw, though what are those cropped pants you're wearing in the hobo pic?
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they kinda look like r&b sweats from a while back...not sure though because I've never seen them pushed up as much as synth does
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Volume II: All AZN-ish Edition! snake If, for some reason, someone decided to create an ad campaign with the purpose of showing that SF-approved brands don't work for everyone, snake circa 2009 would be the unanimous choice to be the face of the campaign. Even though snake's head has been lopped off in the first image with the wonders of Photoshop magic, I can assure you that there was sorrow in his eyes. "I don't get it," I'm assuming he thought. "StyleForum told me that these were good brands, but I still look like a big dummy." Thankfully, snake's growing pains were succinct enough where he was able to make the shift from Wings + Horns coats and hideous Engineered Garments neckties to Julius leathers and other brands that would make Ford-loving real Amer-uh-cuns cringe. The proof, as Billy Cosby once put it, is in the Jell-O pudding. Now snake doesn't even need the gun/cock holster that came with this leather. He's got beezies (or at least a lot of Styleforum members) willing to hold his dick for him. impolyt_one Much like The Artist Formerly Known as kelvinsense, our now beloved curator of ToJ once followed the path to Corny AZNville. As evidenced by the first image, however, Drew got to a point where he stopped dead in his tracks, leered down that path, and said, "Fuck it, it's always gonna be a dead animal across my back concept from now on." But Drew didn't stop by abandoning the baggy biz caz steeze. He told Gillette to fuck off and stopped shaving. To compliment the scruffier appearance, he also ditched the conservative cropped haircut. All pulled together, the man once destined to be Mayor of Corny AZNville (or at least a city commissioner), now looks like the kind of guy who'd fuck YOUR bitch and your only response would be, "What can I get you to drink?" nicelynice I'm breaking my self-imposed "Before pictures shouldn't come from way before SF residency" here. In his former condition, nicelynice's user name would have made him the mockery of the forum. "Hey nicelynice, stop looking so nicely nice and get some steeze, nerd" and what have you. But now? Now nicelynice is still nicelynice, but because he owns more leathers than aeglus, can fit into wjk, and still grins on occasion. He still looks more likely to hold the door open for you than to bang your broad, but nicelynice has still made quite the journey from dad jeans and Asics to leather-clad chap sending his regards from Korea/Japan/The Czech Republic?
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